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Contention launches commission meeting

Staff writer

Testy words were once again exchanged at Monday’s county commission meeting.

This time the issue was whether the minutes of the Sept. 19 meeting accurately reflected an exchange between commission candidates and commissioners.

Candidate Tom Britain on Sept. 19 challenged commissioners about comments made by commissioner Randy Dallke that candidates should be respectful of county department heads. Things got heated when Britain asked for an explanation and commissioner Dan Holub pointed his finger at Britain and said, “Just shut up and listen for a second and see what I’m saying.”

“I was silenced at the meeting,” Britain said Monday.

Britain said the incident was not accurately portrayed in the minutes.

“That was taken out of context,” Holub said.

Holub contended Britain had interrupted him several times at the earlier meeting before Holub told him to shut up, but he had not told him to sit down. Still, Holub admitted he’d said to shut up.

“I want to apologize for that,” Holub said.

“I’m going to leave,” Britain said before walking out the door.

Commissioners voted unanimously to amend the wording of the Sept. 19 minutes.

A property owner west of Durham on the county line has been given 10 days notice to get rid of 80 acres of musk thistle or the county will take care of the weeds and add the cost to his taxes.

Weed director Bud Druse showed commissioners photos of the thistle plants and commissioners recommended he contract someone else to spray instead of spraying it himself. The property cannot be sprayed by airplane because of alfalfa fields on two sides.

A house in Hillsboro will be rented as a place for EMTs to stay while on duty after commissioners approved for EMS director Ed Debesis to rent the house.

“It’s the place I stayed at when I first came here,” Debesis said.

The house does not have enough sleeping area for two EMTs, but commissioners and Debesis agreed it is better than having personnel stay in such places as a city-owned building.

“My problem is having a place for them to go,” Debesis said.

Last modified Sept. 28, 2016