• Last modified 1026 days ago (Sept. 1, 2021)


Fiberoptic project

An article in last week’s paper incorrectly attributed fiberoptic cable installed through northern Marion County as being paid for by a grant.

The installation was paid for by TC Wireless. Hillsboro provided land for a building, but neither the city nor a grant is covering cost of fiberoptic cable to premises in Hillsboro.

The company has applied for a grant to provide broadband to premises in Durham and Lehigh. A decision is expected in November.

The company also planned to apply for a grant for premises cabling in Peobody, but Vyve challenged that application on grounds that it already plans to provide enhanced broadband service there.

As was correctly reported last week, although Marion allowed the cable to Hillsboro to traverse part of its territory, a grant to provide gigabit-speed fiberoptic cable to premises in Marion never was pursued.

Last modified Sept. 1, 2021