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A recycling bin from Waste Connections is now available west of the buildings at the city burn pile. Sheets of instructions telling citizens what items are acceptable may be picked up at Tampa State Bank or the Tampa Cafe. The city encourages residents to participate in the recycling program so that it will be profitable enough to the refuse company for them to continue.

Many Tampa residents attended the Labor Day festivities in Burdick on Sept. 4 and 5.

Georgia Spohn visited her aunt, Marguerite Goertz, at Salem Home in Hillsboro on Sept. 5.

Lori Moldenhauer and Anna Mae Stika went to Burdick on Sept. 5 and brought dinner back to enjoy with their husbands, Tom Moldenhauer and Frank Stika at the Stika home.

Tom and Dee Duggan went to Abilene on Sept. 5 to see the Eight Wonders of Kansas exhibit at the Eisenhower Museum.

Cecilia Rziha of Oklahoma City, Okla., and Jerry and Jeanne Rziha were weekend guests of Wayne Rziha, Daniel, Anthony, and Cecilia Marie.

Shirley Zaideman recently received word of the death of her stepmother, Anne Fritchie. Fritchie was a 101-year-old retired school teacher.

Edna Mueller and Adeline Bernhardt were among those attending the Labor Day celebration in Burdick on Sept. 5.

Gary and Carole Spohn met Ryan and Jamie Spohn and Luke of Lincoln, Neb., in Beatrice, Neb., on Sept. 5 for dinner out and visiting.

Connie Thompson of Abilene was a Sept. 4 afternoon and overnight guest of her mother, Lucille Kerbs.

Tom and Dee Duggan were Sept. 4 dinner guests of Everett and Rhea Kolling of Herington. The Duggans later visited Deb Hall and Kaylee. Darla Hall of Lee’s Summit, Mo., was an additional guest.

Sept. 4 dinner guests of Frank and Anna Mae Stika were Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu and Anna, Tom and Lori Moldenhauer and Tien Antoczyk. Anna Weber was also a supper guest.

Sept. 4 dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs were Rustyn Kerbs of Hillsboro, Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen, and Lucille Kerbs.

Tom and Dee Duggan met Darla Hall of Lee’s Summit, Mo., Deb Hall of Herington, and some of Deb’s friends Sept. 3 in Salina. Darla and the Duggans enjoyed supper out together, while Deb attended a school reunion. Kaylee Hall met Darla later in the evening for a short visit.

Lucille Kerbs went to Abilene on Sept. 2, and Connie Thompson took her to Salina for an appointment and shopping. They returned to Abilene for dinner out.

Tom and Dee Duggan and Linda Ihde attended a meeting of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees on Sept. 1 in Herington.

Lucille Kerbs visited Lois Sklenar on Sept. 1 in Hillsboro.

On Aug. 31, Lucille Kerbs accompanied Russ and Julie Kerbs to Hillsboro, where they met Rustyn Kerbs of Hillsboro and Jesse and Ashton Smith, and Sydney of Pilsen for supper out.

Adeline Bernhardt and Leona Kleiber visited Lois Sklenar in Hillsboro on Aug. 26.

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