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Motorcycle group invades Tampa

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Tampa residents were treated to a rare sight June 13 — 32 motorcycles parked along Main Street. The ROMEOs were eating their noon meal at the café.

The name is an acronym for Retired Motorcyclists Eating Out. The cyclists head for a small Kansas town each Wednesday for dinner in one of the small-town cafes. Jim Davidson of Cuba said he had ridden 139 miles to get to Tampa.

“They do this every Wednesday rain or shine,” he said. “But I’m a fair weather rider. I don’t get out when it’s raining.”

The Rziha family spent June 11 through 13 in three cabins at Milford Lake. Much of the family also spent time at the home of Jerry and Jeanne Rziha before and after. The group played games and did a little fishing and playing in the water.

Those present included:

Wayne Rziha, Cecilia Marie, Anthony and Daniel of Tulsa Okla., John and Jeanne Rziha, Michael, Christopher, Joseph, Timothy, Thomas, Charles, Anna, and Henry of Atchison, Jim and Diane Hrron, Andrew, Peter, Maria, John, Michael and Juliet and Emilio and Janie Aita, Antonia, Sebastian, Raphael and Mariana of Chippewa Falls, Wisc., Thomas Weigal of Dallas, David and Catarina Rziha, Isabel, Samuel and Katherine, Susie Rziha, Cecilia Rziha, and Julie Rziha.

Sunflower Senior Citizens met June 13 for dinner at the café followed by their business meeting and program at the senior center. A music video played during dessert followed by a video about the history of Lyon County, which Mary Clemmer brought. Others present were Betty Mueller, Dee Duggan, Jane Vajnar, Raymond and Janet Bielefeld, Gary and Carole Spohn, Leona Kleiber, Adeline Bernhardt, Shirley Zaideman, Iona Dietrich, and Ruth Cauthon.

A large crowd attended the Backhus family reunion June 10 at the senior center. The group were descendants of Gerhard, John, William, and Henry Backhus. Some came from Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Colorado, and Nebraska, as well as various parts of Kansas. Each family stood while a spokesman told a little about the family. Alma Meyer was honored for her approaching 100th birthday. Recognized with her were two sisters and a sister-in-law, Ella Heidemann of Decatur, Ill., 96, Frieda Bentz, 94, and Mary Ann Backhus.

Tom and Dee Duggan attended game night June 10 in Ramona.

Guests of Frieda Bentz for snacks and visiting June 10 evening after the Backhus reunion were Ella, Jenette, and Madison Heidemann of Decatur, Ill., Harold Nunn and Debbie Giocobetti of Pratt, Albert and Jane Heidemann of Aurora, Ill., John and Ellen Hill of Algonquin, Ill., Alma and Dennis Meyer, Alan and Virginia Bentz, and Tyler.

Deb Hall and Kaylee of Herington and Tom and Dee Duggan attended a fundraiser for Herington Hospital Auxiliary June 10 in Herington. Many from the community attended the wedding of JuliAnne Chisholm and Drew Rathburn June 9 at Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church followed by a reception, dinner, and dance at the 4-H building. The newlyweds will be at home in Chapman.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson and Taylor in Abilene June 9 and all enjoyed dinner out.

Ella, Jenette, and Madison Heidemann of Decatur, Ill., John Backhus of Enterprise and Wilbert and Donna Backhus enjoyed dinner at the café on June 12.

Rhea Kolling of Herington, Betty Schlesener of Hope and Dee Duggan met other members of the Shady Ladies Red Hat Society at Manhattan June 9 for a luncheon and style show.

Irma Benda and Jane Vajnar met June 8 in Herington for supper out and a jam session at the senior center.

Joyce Cox and Dixie Kracke of Abilene, Everett and Rhea Kolling of Herington, and Tom and Dee Duggan had supper out June 8 in Abilene and attended a production at Great Plains Theater.

Women from Trinity Lutheran Church in Ramona and Saint John’s Lutheran Church met at the café June 7. President Kathy Davis presented a red rose to Adeline Bernhardt in honor of her 90th birthday. Others attending were Edna Backhus, Leona Deines, Lucille Kerbs, Leona Kleiber, Michele Berens, Betty Mueller, Janet Bielefeld and Joyce Medley.

Dean Routh of Augusta came to Leona Kleiber’s home June 7 to take Ellen Erickson to the Wichita airport to return to her home in Tacoma, Wash. After spending a week here visiting her sisters, Adeline Bernhardt and Leona Kleiber, other relatives and friends.

Terry and Cindy Vinduska of Marion, Lynn and Peggy Kleiber and Nick of Salina, Tim and Amanda Baxa and Sophia of Wichita and Dena and Becky Routh, Melody, Allison, and Danielle of Augusta were recent visitors of Leona Kleiber.

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