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Many Tampa residents and businesses have beautiful Christmas lights on display. There is a nice mixture of colored and white lights. Among the customary red and green, blue is showing up prominently in the businesses on Main Street and at the residences of Lucille Kerbs and B.J. and Tina Clement. Nativity scenes are in evidence at the Lutheran church and the homes of Pastor Clark and Kathy Davis, Leona Kleiber, Frank and Anna Mae Stika, and Don and Ramona Beisel. Greg and Michele Berens put their focus on the wisemen instead. Numerous others show more secular displays of icicle lights, reindeer, lighted trees, and candles in windows. There are more. Come to Tampa and see for yourself.

The Shady Ladies chapter of the Red Hat Society enjoyed dinner at the café Dec. 5 followed by a Christmas party at the Mueller meeting room with Dee Duggan as hostess. The event included drawings for door prizes, card bingo, refreshments, and the annual cookie exchange. Others present were Joyce Cox and Dixie Kracke of Abilene, Ramona Goracke, Anita Hummel and Betty Schlesener of Hope, Karolyn
Schlesener, Rhea Kolling, Barbara Askew, Rose Mary Deines and Alice Bell of Herington, Leona Kleiber, Adeline Bernhardt, and Ramona Biesel.

Dec. 2 dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs were Jesse Smith and Sydney of Pilsen and Lucille Kerbs.

Tom Duggan attended a basketball game in Osage City on Dec. 3 to watch his granddaughter, Kaylee Hall, play.

Keith and Lydia Evans of Haysville and Paul and Edna Backhus were weekend guests of Bill and Ruth Taylor of Shawnee on Dec. 1 and 2. Joining them on Sunday for church services and dinner out were Gerald and Alice Yoachman of Wichita, Mildred Bernhardt of Lyons, Alvin Backhus and his daughter, Edna Lehew, of Hiawatha, Paul Paulson, and the Darrel Paulsons of Dewey, Okla. After dinner, they all returned to the Taylor home for dessert and an afternoon of visiting.

Darlene and Ernie Kite of Bartlesville, Okla., were Dec. 1 and 2 guests of Tom and Dee Duggan. Deb and Kaylee Hall of Herington joined them for Sunday dinner to celebrate the December birthdays of Ernie, Darlene, and Deb. They all took in the Tampa community festivities.

Connie Thompson of Abilene visited her mother, Lucille Kerbs, on Nov. 29. Lucille visited Connie on Dec. 1. Jeremy and Allison Sluder and Brooklyn joined them for dinner out.

Lynn Kleiber of Salina came to Tampa on Dec. 1 to do some chores for his mother, Leona Kleiber, and then took her to spend the weekend with them. That evening, they enjoyed supper out and attended the musical, “Miracle on 34th Street,” at the Salina Community Theater as an early Christmas present to Leona. On Dec. 2, they came to Tampa and joined Adeline Bernhardt for dinner at the cafe. In the afternoon, Lynn and Peggy spent some time with Dale and Andrea Klenda, Elijah, Evan, and Silas of rural Lincolnville.

Tom and Dee Duggan took a tour Dec. 1 sponsored by S and S Tours and First National Bank of Hope. They visited the Copper Shed at Aulne and then went on to Wichita, where they attended a melodrama at the Moseley Theater with dinner. They also saw the Tour of Lights of Saint Paul’s.

Loretta Crippen of Denver, Colo., and Sharon Holliday of Lincoln, Neb., visited their aunt, Tillie Hein, on Dec. 1.

Betty Mueller, Tillie Hein, Adeline Bernhardt, Leona Kleiber, and Lucille Kerbs were among those who attended the friendship supper at Morning Star Church on Nov. 29.

Norma Wagner of Wichita spent Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 with her sister, Georgia Spohn. They joined Gary and Carole Spohn for dinner in Durham on Nov. 30.

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