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St. Patrick’s Day weekend guests of Jerry and Jeanne Rziha were Wayne Rziha, Cecilia Marie, Anthony and Daniel of Tulsa, Okla., Susie Rziha of Lincoln, Neb., and Cecilia Rziha of Dallas, Texas. Cecilia Marie, Anthony and Daniel remained to spend their spring break with their grandparents. They all went to Atchison March 19 for Christopher Rziha’s confirmation. Evening guests of Adeline Bernhardt were Leona Kleiber and Don Witt.

Lucille Kerbs and Rustyn Kerbs enjoyed breakfast out in Durham on March 20. Tom and Dee Duggan attended a soup dinner at Saint Columba Catholic Church March 17 in Elmo.

St. Patrick’s Day dinner guests of Paul and Edna Backhus were Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Mike and Jennifer Jay and Cody of Hillsboro, Brad Backhus, Jason Backhus, and Alisha Barney.

Melissa Stuchlik of Pilsen visited her grandmother, Leona Kleiber, on March 17.

Lucille Kerbs visited Lois Sklenar of Hillsboro on March 19.

Lucille Kerbs visited her daughter, Connie Thompson of Abilene, on March 14. A number of Tampa people attended a soup supper on March 17 at Durham Baptist Church sponsored by the middle school youth. St. Patrick’s dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs were Rustyn Kerbs of Hillsboro, Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen, and Lucille Kerbs.

Tom and Dee Duggan attended the Marion County Senior Citizens board meeting March 15 in Peabody.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson and Taylor in Abilene on March 16. Glenn Kerbs of Dodge City and Allison Sluder and Brooklyn of Abilene met them for dinner.

Deb Hall and Kaylee of Herington and Tom and Dee Duggan were guests of Everett and Rhea Kolling of Herington for a pancake supper at the Herington Community Building on March 14. Deb Hall and Kaylee of Herington and Tom and Dee Duggan enjoyed dinner out in Herington on March 16.

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