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Lutheran Missionary League has annual meeting

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The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League ate dinner out in Durham June 5 as their annual outing. After the meal, the group visited the home of Joyce Medley. Others present included Pastor Clark Davis and his wife Kathy, Betty Mueller, Shirley Duke, Edna Backhus, Phyllis Mueller, Leona Kleiber, Lucille Kerbs, Adeline Bernhardt, Janet Bielefeld, Michele Berens, and Addie Berens. The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Adeline, whose birthday was Thursday.

Georgia Spohn met a group of cousins for dinner June 5 in Durham. Others present were Irene Pankratz and Linda Baron of Bend, Ore., Sheryl Sorenson of Denver, Colo., Charlie Pankratz of Madison and Lenora Graham of Florence.

Lucille Kerbs attended a noon cookout June 1 at the home of Jeremy and Allison Sluder in Abilene; it was the first birthday party for Brooklyn Sluder. Others present included Doug and Connie Thompson and Taylor, and other relatives and friends.

Alisha Barney, Jason Backhus, and Paul and Edna Backhus visited Don Jacobson June 4 at the hospital in Abilene.

Tom and Dee Duggan went to Hilltop Community Center in Herington on June 4 for lunch and card games.

Lori Moldenhauer and Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu brought supper to Frank and Anna Mae Stika on June 2 in celebration of their 57th wedding anniversary.

Bev and Tom Reid of Marion and Edna Backhus went to Newton June 3 to watch Cody Jay play tee ball. Cody’s parents, Mike and Jennifer Jay were also in the cheering section.

Gary and Carole Spohn spent the weekend of June 1 visiting their son and family, Ryan and Jaime Spohn and Luke of Bellvue, Neb.

A large crowd turned out June 2 for party in the park — most of the group played volleyball. This is a monthly event scheduled for the first Sunday of the month.

Cecilia Marie, Anthony, and Daniel Rziha of Tulsa, Okla., arrived June 3 to spend three weeks with their grandparents, Jerry and Jeanne Rziha. Isabel, Samuel, and Kathrine Rziha

Jane Vajnar was a May 31 overnight guest of Marc and Wendy Stroede in Kanopolis. The following day she attended a memorial service for her high school classmate, Jackie Toman. From there, she went to Hillsboro where she met a childhood friend, Edith Hummer, and her daughter Edie. They ate out and then went to Tampa so Edith could see “our town.”

Paul and Edna Backhus visited Don Jacobson at the hospital in Abilene on June 2.

Don Clemmer recently visited his mother, Mary Clemmer, and helped her with some chores.

Georgia Spohn accompanied Steve and Sheri Spohn on June 1 to Wichita. They visited Norma Wagner. All four enjoyed dinner out and Georgia stayed with Norma while Steve and Sheri went shopping.

Deb and Kaylee Hall of Herington were May 28 supper guests of Tom and Dee Duggan. They played pitch.

Jason Backhus was the host for a hamburger fry at his home May 26. Guests were Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Mike and Jennifer Jay and Cody of Hillsboro, Paul and Edna Backhus, Brad Backhus, and Alisha Barney.

Tom and Dee Duggan were among those attending Esther Klein’s funeral May 28.

Memorial Day weekend guests of Tom and Dee Duggan were Darla Hall and Adam of Lee’s Summit, Mo., and Deb Hall and Kaylee of Abilene. They celebrated Adam and Kaylee’s birthdays.

Dahn Walker, Cierra, and Corbin of Singapore were recent visitors of her grandmother, Mary Clemmer.

Tom and Dee Duggan, Adam and Kaylee Hall met Don and Betty Frink of Topeka May 25 in Lost Springs for dinner out.

Julie Rziha arrived May 24 to spend the summer with her parents Jerry and Jeanne Rziha.

Tom and Dee Duggan and their houseguests, Darla Hall and Adam Hall attended a birthday party for Kaylee Hall at the bowling alley May 24 in Herington.

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