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Prairie Pals invited women from the community to a soup supper on Feb. 28 in the senior center. Those present included Donna Bundy, Edie Rhodes, Catarina Rziha, Sue Yanda, Amber Peterson, Francie Mueller, Ruth Cauthon, Adeline Bernhardt, Leona Kleiber, Elaine Mueller, Lucille Kerbs, Betty Mueller, Kathy Davis, Michele Berens, Addie Berens, Janet Bielefeld, Jeanne Rziha, Lori Meyer, Laveta Meyer, Iona Dietrich, Melissa Stuchlik, Mary Clemmer, and Jane Vajnar.

Jeanne Rziha and Michele Berens planned the event and were hostesses. After-supper entertainment was interrupted when the group was warned of a tornado headed in the direction of Tampa. Many of the women took shelter in the church basement, but Tampa was spared any bad weather other than high winds and lightning.

Susie Rziha and Emilio and Janie Aita, Antonio, Sebastian, Raphael, and Marianna of Chippewa Falls, Wis., arrived here early on Feb. 29 and spent the weekend with Jerry and Jeannie Rziha.

Deb Hall of Herington and Tom Duggan went to Wichita on Feb. 24 for a concert at the Century II Concert Hall where Kaylee Hall sang for the Kansas Choral Directors Association with the Treble Honor Choir. She was one of three students from her school selected for the 235-voice choir of children from around the state. Deb and Tom attended a quiz meet on Feb. 27 at Centre High School, where Kaylee competed on the Herington team.

Georgia Spohn visited her aunt, Marguerite Goertz, at the hospital in Hillsboro on Feb. 27. Spohn and her cousin, Lenora Graham of Florence, attended the Tabor College Learning in Retirement program in Hillsboro on Feb. 24 and enjoyed lunch together. The Tabor program was a presentation by Laurie Walsh on welcoming changes in our lives.

Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen and Lucille Kerbs accompanied Russ and Julie Kerbs to Salina on Feb. 26 for dinner and shopping.

Joyce Medley of Durham, Adeline Bernhardt, Leona Kleiber, and Linda Ihde joined others at Trinity Parish Hall in Ramona on Feb. 26 for a pancake supper.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson in Abilene on Feb. 25. Jeremy and Allison Sluder joined them for dinner out.

Lynn and Peggy Kleiber were Feb. 24 overnight guests of his mother, Leona Kleiber. Leona and Lynn went to Salina the next day to eat and shop. In the afternoon, Lynn helped his mother with some chores. Lynn and Peggy also spent time with their daughter and family, Andrea and Dale Klenda, Elijah and Evan.

Tim Kerbs took Lucille Kerbs to Topeka on Feb. 24 to visit her sister, Cecile Penney. Cecile’s son, Kevin Weyand, also visited. En route home, Tim and Lucille enjoyed supper in Junction City.

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