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Council gets preview of streetscape

Staff writer

Marion City Council got a preview Monday of a streetscape project on Main St. from 1st to 5th Sts.

City administrator Roger Holter said the downtown upgrade would benefit the city, business owners, residents, and visitors.

The project addresses an aging infrastructure and will restore commerce, he said.

He expects businesses owners to consider expanding hours.

Sidewalks and curb cuts will be replaced. Downtown lampposts will be changed to two-tier lighting in antique styling with a top light over the street and lower lights for pedestrians. Planters, waste bins, and benches will be added, and accessible entries for downtown businesses will be created to comply with federal law.

“All of our businesses in this four-block area will have access,” Holter said.

The street-edge of a raised parking lot across from Webster Auto Service will be transformed to look like a retaining wall, where people can sit.

“If I say it politically correct, for esthetics,” Holter said. “If I say it the other way, get rid of the ugly.”

The first work to be done is excavating sidewalks in a two-block area.

“We will excavate all the way back, then run a second set of conduit underground for future technology needs,” Holter said.

Lamppost bases will be installed, brick pavers put in place, and new sidewalks poured.

“Just remember, flexibility will be required,” Holter said. “With 17 floods, there may be lots of buried debris.”

Council member Chris Costello asked whether Holter would make presentations for the public.

Mayor Todd Heitschmidt asked city economic development director Randy Collett to consider making some evening presentations about the upcoming work.

The $1 million project will cost the city $335,000. The rest will be paid by a state grant. Work is expected to begin between Labor Day and May.

Last modified June 21, 2018