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Council hears resident complaints

Staff writer

A disgruntled Marion homeowner presented several property concerns Monday to Marion City Council members, but underlying them all was a common complaint.

“I’m not too happy with me telling city employees and calling the office, you guys deliver the message to whoever, and nothing is getting taken care of,” Gene Lanning said.

Lanning’s concerns related to his residence at 721 S. Roosevelt St. included storm water drainage causing erosion in his yard, a protruding curb cap that creates a safety hazard when mowing, and untrimmed tree limbs that threaten power lines serving his house and neighboring homes.

Lanning said he had raised these concerns numerous times with city employees, including City Adminstrator Doug Kjellin and City Superintendent Marty Frederickson, but months and years have passed without resolution.

A fourth problem Lanning took care of himself.

“The last time I called you the alley had a big hole in it, and I was concerned a kid would get their bike in there and flip over,” Lanning said. “No phone call, nothing got fixed, so I got my skid loader and fixed that for you guys.”

Mayor Mary Olsen said she would discuss the issues with Kjellin and Frederickson and attempt to reach resolutions for Lanning’s concerns.

Fireworks ordinance

Fireworks sale dates will coincide with the days they may legally be used under a revised fireworks ordinance approved by the council. Discussions about and revisions to the ordinance have been ongoing since mid-July, and the council had few questions or comments before voting on the measure.

Fireworks may be sold on or between July 1 and July 4. They may be discharged July 1 and 2 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. July 3 and 4 fireworks may be discharged until midnight.

The ordinance authorizes the fire chief and city council to ban fireworks if weather conditions create a fire hazard.

Trash resulting from fireworks must be removed from public property by 12 p.m. July 5.

The ordinance is available for review on the city website.

In other business:

  • Chad Adkins was appointed to fill a vacant position on the Recreation Commission.
  • An $11,500 payment to EBH & Associates of Great Bend for completed engineering design work for the Jex Addition sewer project.
  • The council met for 15 minutes in executive session for the purpose of discussing the acquisition of real property. Upon returning to open session, City Attorney Susan Robson was authorized to initiate negotiations with Lloyd Meier for purchase of a portion of Lot 1 in Block 1 of Jex Addition.

The next meeting of the council is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Oct. 1.

Last modified Sept. 20, 2012