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County approves cardiac monitor for new ambulance

Staff writer

The purchase of a cardiac monitor for a newly arrived ambulance drew disagreement among county commissioners over whether the ambulance, or the monitor, was even needed.

Ambulance director Curt Hasart brought quotes for three cardiac monitors to Tuesday’s commission meeting.

The lowest price was a 2016 model available for $18,500 with a one-year warranty.

Hasart, however, didn’t like that one because it did not have WiFi access. He recommended a Zoll monitor that cost $26,118 with a six-month warranty.

Hasart said the monitor would be for the newest ambulance, which would be used as a back-up unit.

Two ambulances were ordered after Hasart earlier told commissioners the department had too many ambulances out of service with major maintenance needs.

One arrived in mid-July, and the other is expected to arrive in October.

Commissioners thought the ambulance would be for primary use, but Hasart said Tuesday the ambulance would be used as a backup.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he wasn’t sure it would be a good decision.

Hasart answered that state requirements call for every ambulance to have a monitor.

Commissioners cast a split 2-1 vote to buy the monitor with commissioners Jonah Gehring and Kent Becker in favor, Dallke opposed, and Crofoot not casting a vote.

Last modified Sept. 7, 2023