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County creates new $95,000 position

Former contractor to deal with technology, security, projects

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After interviewing a Nebraska man last week and being secretive about what position he was being interviewed for, county commissioners voted Monday to create a new position and hired the man to fill it.

Pressed last week about what position Coby Hayes was being considered for, county clerk Tina Spencer answered “in-house security.”

The position created this week is “facilities and technology operations director.”

After reviewing a job description and approving creation of the position Monday, commissioners called for an executive session to interview a job candidate.

A half hour later, they voted to hire Hayes for $95,000 a year starting Jan. 15. It is the second job paying nearly $100,000 filled by commissioners in less than two weeks.

According to the job description, Hayes’ duties will be to perform tasks related to physical security technology, facilities management and maintenance, information and technology services support, and project management support within the county organization.

The new position is supposed to coordinate and facilitate daily work and special projects and monitor needs and progress of the county within established parameters.

“The employee in this position must exercise considerable independent judgment when carrying out the responsibilities of this position,” the job description states.

Commission chairman David Mueller said the county previously had contracted with a Augusta company, 4PC Security Technologies. 4PC closed five months ago, Mueller said.

Hayes was chief executive of 4PC.

“We have a number of security projects in progress,” Mueller said.

Mueller said the county had been unsuccessful in its search for a new information technology contractor because all companies were booked out.

Split vote retains Mueller

In other business Monday, commissioners cast a 3-2 vote to keep Mueller as commission chairman after discussion in which three other commission members said they would be willing to serve.

“Dave did a good job, but others of us should take responsibility for it,” commissioner Randy Dallke said.

Commissioner David Crofoot said he hadn’t taken a turn as chairman and would be willing to do so.

Commissioner Kent Becker said he would be willing to take a second turn as chairman.

Mueller said he wanted to see continuity with a new county administrator coming on board Feb. 1. County clerk Tina Spencer was hired last week for the job and begins administrator duties Feb. 1.

Crofoot, Mueller, and Jonah Gehring voted in favor of retaining Mueller as chairman. Becker and Dallke were opposed.

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