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This jail roster was obtained Tuesday from the jail’s inmate listing system.


David E. Delgado, 25, Wichita, arrested Tuesday by a sheriff’s deputy for failing to appear in court. Held in lieu of $500 bond.

Beretta P. Janzen, 26, Florence, jailed Friday for 48 hours on court orders. Previously jailed nine times for a total of 18 days between July 11, 2018, and March 20, 2023. Previous jailings were four times on court orders, twice for allegedly violating probation, and other times on suspicion of three courts of domestic battery and single counts of aggravated battery, assault, making a criminal threat, criminal restraint, and violating an order of protection.

Michael D. McCullough Jr., 20, Wichita, jailed Thursday for allegedly violating probation. Released two hours later after posting a $2,500 bond. Previously jailed Aug. 10 to 23 on court orders and Dec. 29 and 30, 2021, on suspicion of fleeing law enforcement, driving under the influence of intoxicants, and possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Samuel I. Reffett, 40, Hillsboro, jailed Friday for 48 hours on court orders. Previously jailed nine times for a total of 24 days between Jan. 31, 2021, and March 19, 2023. Previous jailings were on court orders six times, for failing to appear in court once, and on suspicion of domestic battery, tampering with a required anti-drinking ignition interlock, driving without an interlock, and driving with a canceled, suspended, or revoked license.

Dasan Z. Wallace, 24, Salina, jailed March 21 for twice failing to appear in court. Held in lieu of two $10,000 bonds. Previously jailed Dec. 1 to 20 for twice failing to appear in court; May 29 to June 2, 2021, on suspicion of domestic battery; and Jan. 21, 2018, on suspicion of possessing hallucinogens and drug paraphernalia.

James Wullenweber IV, 40, Hillsboro, arrested Thursday by Hillsboro police on a warrant alleging that he committed aggravated battery March 2. Released an hour later after posting a $1,000 bond. Previously jailed April 20 on suspicion of domestic battery and June 2, 2018, on suspicion of disorderly conduct, battery, and assault.


Jacob W. Barger, 20, Herington, jailed since March 9.

Joseph A. Biehler, 32, Herington, since Jan. 17.

Jordan L. Fryhover, 24, Hillsboro, Dec. 12.

Michael A. Henderson, 20, Junction City, March 14.

Brian W. Hiebert, 26, Florence, March 5.

Dustin J. Luchi, 43, Marion, Nov. 8.

Donald J. Miller, 32, Herington, Feb. 17.

Michael B. Nelson, 22, Marion, Feb. 13.

Cecil W.R. Rodman, 21, Hominy, Oklahoma, Dec. 15.

Reagan L. Sparks, 30, Council Grove, March 15.

Wade A. Wendt, 31, Burdick, Jan. 16.

Jennifer L. Woelk, 49, Florence, March 17.

Sonja F. Yowell, 19, Council Grove, March 15

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