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County may work on misplaced Dan Dr.

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Vicki Hoffer, who lives on Lakeshore Dr. at the county lake, is tired of her young grandchildren being endangered by people driving into her driveway as they travel Dan Dr.

“I’ve lived here since 1984, and that whole time it’s been a public road,” she said.

Hoffer told county commissioners Tuesday that the boys, ages 4 and 5, like to play in her driveway but people speed down Dan Dr. and tear up her driveway just to the north of the platted street because it seems that’s where the street goes.

“I’m just very concerned about my grandsons here,” she said.

She said people driving motorbikes are “just ripping up and down the road.”

Hoffer was concerned about volume and speed of traffic on the road.

Hoffer said she didn’t want to see the road completely closed.

“I’m not trying to make it hard for anybody else, or my neighbors, I’m just trying to keep people off my driveway,” Hoffer said.

County engineer Brice Goebel said he thought the public had misconceptions about where the road was and where it wasn’t.

Some public maps show Dan Dr. continuing to the lake via Hoffer’s driveway. Others do not.

The road was platted to run straight toward Lakeshore Dr., but actually curves off onto Hoffer’s driveway.

Goebel said the angle of the road would make it “very, very difficult” to do anything with it.

“As far as making that road straight down there, I’d need something like a culvert,” Goebel said.

Goebel said if the county would straighten the road, people would likely go down the straightened road instead of the route they now take.

“Can the county afford to build a road to service two people?” commissioner Dave Crofoot said.

Commissioner Kent Becker asked whether Dan Dr. was a designated county road. Goebel said it was to a certain point.

Dallke said he thought commissioners should go look at the area and build alongside her property, giving her property back so she could fence it off.

Crofoot suggested they table the issue and each take a look at the Dan Dr. situation.

Commissioners voted to take the issue back up Feb. 7.

“We’ll probably get some suggestions from the public now,” Crofoot said.

“I’m sure we will,” county clerk Tina Spencer said.

Last modified Jan. 20, 2022