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County poised to liberalize dress code

Staff writer

Bare midriffs, form-fitting pants, and short shorts were among items discussed by county commissioners in a 1¼-hour discussion Tuesday of county personnel policies.

County clerk Tina Spencer suggested that the county’s rarely enforced dress and appearance code might need to be updated and possibly liberalized.

Commissioners suggested changes that would allow employees to wear overalls, painter pants, and military-type pants.

Overly revealing clothes still would be prohibited, but jeans, shorts, and some other casual attire might be allowed with a supervisor’s approval.

Whether to provide uniform allowances for all or some employees was discussed, with Spencer warning that some departments might become jealous of allotments provided to other departments.

A new policy discouraging use of personal cell phones for county business also will be considered.

And the county will consider writing a policy on how much rest emergency medical services employees are required to have between completing a shift for another employer and starting a shift for the county.

Commissioners reviewed phrasing of various other policies, including bereavement, maternity, and medical leaves.

At Spencer’s suggestion, the county will allow exceptions to a blanket prohibition against taking unpaid leave when paid leave is available.

Employees on medical leaves will not be allowed to accept outside employment.

The entire personnel handbook will be reviewed by department heads before it is brought back to commissioners for final approval.

Last modified June 22, 2023