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County recycling might change destination

Staff writer

Recyclable materials from Marion County may soon be taken to a recycling center at Fort Riley instead on one in South Hutchinson that charges $120 a ton.

Josh Housman, director of the county transfer station, told commissioners Monday that Fort Riley contacted him and was willing to start taking county recycling, apparently for free.

Making the change would not be instant, however.

Housman said no county employees had a permit necessary to enter the base with recyclables.

“And we’ve got to work out our schedules,” he said.

Housman said the last he knew, Fort Riley didn’t charge to accept recyclable materials.

The county had an agreement 2½ years ago to take recyclable material to Fort Riley but was notified the fort was closing its recycling facility because of COVID-19.

With Fort Riley reopening its recycling center, recyclable materials would be loaded into a single trailer at the transfer station, Housman said. When it gets full, the trailer will go to Fort Riley.

The county first made arrangements with the fort in 2020 because tipping fees at the Hutchinson recycling center increased from $98.50 a ton to $120 a ton. The county also had transportation costs to haul recyclables there.

The city of Marion two weeks ago imposed an $8 monthly charge to pick up recycling items, citing increased costs.

The city is charged $82 a ton at the transfer station.

Residents who want to continue to recycle must enroll in the service. Residents who do not enroll in recycling services may avoid the charge.

Items the city will pick up to recycle include glass jars and bottles; plastic bottles; aluminum, tin, or steel cans; rigid plastic food containers; junk mail; books; paper bags; cardboard other than pizza boxes; magazines; catalogs; newspapers; inserted ads; office paper; and file folders.

Last modified July 13, 2022