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County students awarded Kansas State scholarships

Several students from Marion County were awarded various scholarships from Kansas State University for the 2013-2014 school year totaling more than $1,000 per student.

Overall KSU has awarded more than $19.2 million in scholarships for this academic year.


Jaclyn Deforest, Phebe Bissell Memorial Scholarship in Human Ecology, Rose Straka Fowler and William M. Fowler Fund, and Anna L. Steckelberg Memorial Scholarship in Dietetics and Nutrition.


Hannah Franzen, John T. Fairman Success in Marketing Scholarship.


Kale Arnold, Grain Science Centennial Initiative Fund; Ethan Frantz, Mac Harris Memorial Scholarship; Candace Jost, Transfer Achievement Award; Bailey Kaufman, Putnam Scholarship, and R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarships; Aaron Klassen, June Roberts Scholarship; Taylor Nikkel, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, and Transfer Achievement Award; and Chance Reece, Mudge-Thompson Geology Scholarship.


Neal Kaiser, Agricultural Enhancement Fund; and John Clark Slentz, Award for Excellence in Agriculture and John T. Whetzel Scholarship.


Carrie Carlson, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, First in Class Scholarship, R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarships, and Stephen Vesecky Scholarship; Taylor Harms, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Achievement Award, Jim Buchanan Scholarship, CHS University Scholarship, Genny and Lowell Brandner Scholarship, Rod Turnbull Scholarship Fund; and Carlye Simons, Martin Family Senior Award in Agriculture.


Raelene Allen, Ted and Helene Varney Business Administration Award; Samuel Ehrlich, Engineering Scholarships, and Hosler Family Scholarship; Patrick Hodson, Memorial Scholarship and Engineering Scholarships, and Elmer A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship; Tonya Hodson, Memorial Scholarship; Louis Holt, Herman T. Luthi Memorial Scholarship in Forestry and Pied Piper Pet and Wildlife Inc. Agriculture Scholarship; Andrew Kjellin, Mila and William R. Kimel Music Scholarship; Landon Leiker, Civic Leadership — Renewal; Drew Maddox, Gary L. Millenbruch Finance; Tristen Snelling, K-State Transfer Academic Award, Lynn and Hazel Russell Memorial Scholarship, and Colonel and Mrs. Pearl M. Shaffer Memorial Home Economics Scholarship; Derek Stuchlik, Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship; Eric Vogel, Finance Advisory Board Scholarship, and Dennis and Sally Von Waaden Business Scholarship; Brandee Burnett, R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarship, and George and Mary Gephart Scholarship; Emily Harris, Memorial Scholarship; Broderick Kyle, Achievement Award, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship, and Norvin and Barbara Stunkel Scholarship in Animal Science and Industry; Ashley Weems, Activity Scholarship, and Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim Freshman Scholarship; Matthew Klenda, Transfer Achievement Award; and Nathan Unruh, Robert W. Janzen Scholarship.


Joshua Klarmann, A&S Undergrad Research Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, Elvon G. and Lydia E Skeen Education Fund, Tomorrow’s Teacher Scholarship, and Nancy Glover Craig Education Scholarship.

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