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County teams ranked

Hillsboro’s boys have occupied the top spot in most Class 2A polls this season.

But how would the Trojans rank in a “Hoosiers”-style system that puts all schools, regardless of enrollment, in a single class?

And how would other county teams stack up even if they are in different classes and don’t get a chance to play head to head?

MaxPreps, an online affiliate of CBS Sports, attempts to answer these questions with a computer-generated statewide ranking of all teams, regardless of class.

At the end of the regular season, Hillsboro’s boys ranked 18th in Kansas, according to MaxPreps.

That put them above even some Class 6A schools with more students than the entire town of Hillsboro has in population.

Here’s where all county teams ranked out of 373 boys teams and 371 girls teams in the state:

Hillsboro 18 87
Goessel 174 223
Marion 310 287
Centre 313 350
Peabody-Burns   337

Last modified March 2, 2022