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Crashes return to normal in April

News editor

March was a busy month for ambulances being called to car crashes, but the number of crashes returned to normal in April. A month after responding to 15 crashes, ambulances responded to three.

County ambulances responded to 76 total calls in April, including 26 medical emergencies, 17 transfers, 13 no-transport calls, seven standbys, four each of falls and cardiac emergencies, three motor vehicle accidents, and two canceled calls. The total through the first four months of 2013 is 351 calls.

The Marion ambulance was the busiest in April with 29 calls, followed by Peabody, 21; Hillsboro, 19; Florence, five; and Tampa, two. There were no calls for the backup ambulance.

Goessel first response was called out six times, while Durham and Lincolnville first response were each called out once. Burns first response wasn’t called out.

Last modified May 23, 2013