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division cases

This information has been filed in criminal division of Marion County District Court:

Keith A. Buelow, motion, judgment on forfeiture of bond, first continuance; probation revocation.

Douglas L. Green, bond appearance, finding and recommendations of administrative hearing.

Patricia Miller, first appearance, financial affidavit application for appointed defense services.

Joseph Lee Caudle, sentencing, third continuance, probation revocation, request of surety to be discharged.

Michael Scott St. Peters, pre-sentence investigation report filed.

Robert Gabriel Rodriguez, arraignment, order of continuance. Sentencing Jan. 18.

Ashley Renna Ratzloff, status, arraignment/ diversion status hearing.

Richard Barrel, order of continuation, arraignment Feb. 8.

William Grosse, first amended information, sentencing March 14.

Travis R. Grosse, plea agreement. Grosse agreed to enter a plea of guilty or no contest to charges of forgery, severity level 8, non-person felony; and two counts of criminal use of a financial card, class A non-person misdemeanor. Three charges were dropped in return, and the prosecution agreed that any sentence of incarceration exceeding 18 months run concurrently with sentences for probation violation and possession of marijuana. If Grosse were sentenced to probation, the prosecutor agreed to recommend probation run concurrently with other cases. Grosse agreed to pay restitution on all counts and draft a letter of apology to the victim. Grosse also agreed to enter a plea of guilty or no contest to one count of possession of marijuana, class A non-person misdemeanor. The prosecution agreed to recommend dismissal of all other counts in the case and that Grosse receive probation with Community Corrections, with standard conditions, concurrent with other cases, and that Grosse obtain a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow its recommendations as a condition of probation. Grosse also stipulated that he violated probation from a 2008 case. The prosecution agreed to recommend eight days in jail, served in four 48-hour periods, along with probation being reinstated and extended 12 months with Community Corrections, concurrent with probation from other cases.

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