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division cases

This information has been filed in criminal division of Marion County District Court:

Robin Buchanan, worthless check, arraignment scheduled for Nov. 7.

Pamela Faye Dunham, theft of property value less than $1000, hearing scheduled Nov. 15.

Thomas J. Kerchner, obstructing legal process, hearing scheduled Nov. 7.

Reginald V. Matz, traffic in other contraband in correctional institution or care/treatment, hearing scheduled Nov. 7.

Reginald V. Matz, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs-2nd conviction; theft of services, under $1000, hearing scheduled Nov. 7.

Michael L. Myers, possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs, use/possess with intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body, hearing scheduled Nov. 7.

Monti Carter Pickrell, domestic battery, physical contact by family member, hearing scheduled Nov. 15.

Rebecca Alline Almond, disorderly conduct/unknown circumstances, hearing scheduled Nov.15.

Rebecca Alline Almond, criminal trespass; remain in defiance of order by owner, hearing scheduled Nov. 15.

Aaron B. Anderson, worthless check under $1,000, hearing scheduled Nov.15.

Lily M Wittig, worthless check less than $1,000, hearing scheduled Nov. 15.

Dustin Dean Altum, domestic battery, knowing or reckless bodily harm to family, plea/trial scheduled Nov.22.

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