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This information was filed in criminal division of district court. All fines include court costs. If no address is listed, no address was available on court records.

Nancy D. Garcia was charged May 24 with battery and disorderly conduct.

Raymond F. C. Sainristil was charged May 30 with theft.

Tessa Deann Gray was charged June 2 with three counts of criminal use of a financial card and theft.

Bruce Serene was charged June 2 with domestic battery.

William Thomas Camden was sentenced May 15 to 17 months in prison for possession of methamphetamine.

Clayton T. Lingenfelter was sentenced May 17 to 16 months in prison for aggravated battery, 14 months in prison for theft of a firearm, and 6 months in jail for driving under the influence and consumption of alcohol by minor, sentences to run concurrently.

Last modified June 7, 2017