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This information was filed last week in criminal division of district court. If no address is listed, no address was available on court records.

Gage M. Cheek was sentenced Feb. 9 to a year’s community corrections for possession of methamphetamine and ordered to pay $1,058.

Kyleigh E. Clarke was sentenced Sept. 9 to serve two days in jail and a year’s probation, plus pay $968 for driving under the influence. She was also ordered to complete alcohol information school.

Amanda L. Davis was sentenced Sept. 9 to six months’ probation and ordered to pay $263 for disorderly conduct.

Mitchell M. McMillen was sentenced Sept 9 to a year in prison for aggravated assault, criminal threat, and interference with law enforcement.

Broch A. Rogers’ probation for violation of a protection from abuse order was revoked Sept. 9. He was ordered to serve eight weekends in jail and pay $158.

Christopher A. Schafer was sentenced Feb. 10 to 18 months’ community corrections for violation of the Kansas offender registration act. The sentence is to run consecutive to other sentences.

Michael A. Stultz formally was charged Feb. 18 with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Ben J. Thompson’s probation was revoked Feb. 9. Although his one-year probation was immediately reinstated, he was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet for a year.

Jarred J. Weems was sentenced Feb. 9 to 18 months’ community corrections for possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia, and ordered to pay $620.

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