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This information was filed last week in criminal division of district court. If no address is listed, no address was available on court records.

Kelly E. Alexander pleaded no contest Feb. 9 to driving while his license was canceled, suspended, or revoked and was sentenced to two days in jail and six months’ unsupervised probation. He was ordered to pay $403.

Jennifer S. Brunzell was sentenced Feb. 22 to six months’ probation and ordered to pay $158 for violation of a protection order.

Zach S. Dvorak formally was charged March 8 with interference with law enforcement, circumvention of an ignition interlock, and driving with invalid registration.

Vanessa R. Foxx formally was charged March 11 with conspiracy to commit criminal damage to property.

Charles W. Matthews formally was charged March 10 with criminal damage to property.

Ronald L. Pierce was sentenced Feb. 22 to a year’s probation for theft and ordered to pay $120.

Erick N. Renteria pleaded no contest Feb. 10 to driving without a valid driver’s license. In a negotiated sentence, he was ordered to pay $358. A charge of speeding was dismissed.

Dustin D. Rodgers was sentenced Feb. 8 to 48 hours in jail followed by 120 hours’ house arrest and a year’s probation for theft. He was ordered to pay $1,811 and attend alcohol information school.

Isaias L. Sanchez pleaded guilty Feb. 16 to speeding. In a negotiated sentence, he was ordered to pay $69. A charge of driving without a driver’s license was dismissed.

Christopher M. Troy pleaded no contest Feb. 24 to three counts of theft and was sentenced to a year’s probation and ordered to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation. He was ordered to pay $706 plus $1,438.91 restitution.

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