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Cupcakes for cops a sweet thank you

Staff writer

Linda Eden is weary of the constant outcry against law enforcement officers in Kansas and across the country.

Monday morning, she decided to show her appreciation for Peabody’s police force and delivered a box of colorful iced cupcakes to Peabody City Building with a note attached.

“For Peabody Police — We appreciate our law enforcers! Cupcakes for Cops”

“You know, I just wanted to be the person who said, ‘I appreciate what you do,’” she said. “I think we all need to let them know that we are glad they are here to protect us, our families, and our property.”

Eden’s nephew is on the police force in Los Angeles.

“We worry about him all the time,” she said. “But Peabody is just a microcosm of L.A. If it can happen there, it can happen here.”

She said she told a couple of friends what she was doing and encouraged them to also show support with a note and something simple like cookies or a six-pack of soda.

“A lot of people in Peabody and other places do nothing but complain about law enforcement officers, but I hope people will take time to think about officers putting their lives on the line day after day,” she said. “With all that is in the news these days, I am just glad we have them.”

Chief Bruce Burke expressed his gratitude for the treats as he set them out in the squad room, but he said Eden’s note and expression of support were even more rewarding.

“We really appreciate it when our citizens tell us they support us,” he said. “That is very important to everyone in this office.”

Last modified July 21, 2016