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Cycling never gets old

Staff writer

Retired physician Cranford Ensey of Marion does not let his age get in the way of what he loves. At 93, he is still riding his blue tricycle at least 4 miles every day for exercise.

“I try to get out as often as possible. During the winter I don’t ride as much, of course, but I try to get out every day during the summer, fall, and spring,” he said. “It’s a good way to escape and get some exercise.”

Ensey rides his trike from his home at Marion Assisted Living to U.S. 56 and back twice each morning.

“I also ride it downtown sometimes, but the hill is too steep to get back up for this old man,” he said.

Ensey’s son, Larry, bought the trike in Wichita two years ago. It has a basket and an orange flag.

“The flag is so people can see me coming and get out of the way,” Ensey said. “I decided on a tricycle because I have problems with my balance and need three wheels instead of two.”

The trike is much like one Ensey used to own as a child.

“My dad bought me a tricycle at 3,” he said. “I used to ride it around everywhere.”

Ensey always has enjoyed cycling but has not always had time to ride. He hopes the exercise will help keep him active for many years to come.

“It beats sitting in here all day,” he said.

Last modified Aug. 7, 2013