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Daughter joins family's 'hole-in-1 club'

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Lindsay Hett of Marion sank her first hole-in-one on No. 9 green at Marion Country Club April 12 and became the third member of her family to complete the hole in a single stroke.

Her parents, Aaron and Lanell, both of whom have scored two hole-in-one shots on No. 9, were there to witness her shot and share the experience.

The Hetts were inspired to head out to the course after having watched The Masters on television all weekend. Their intent was to get a quick nine in before dark.

Lindsay, 23, and her father were tied at 4-over-par leading up to the shot.

Using her pitching wedge, Hett drove her ball 103 yards from the women’s tee to accomplish a feat sought by many golfers.

“It was total dead silence,” Lindsay said. “My ball hit the green, did a big hop, and then rolled toward the hole.”

After the ball vanished from sight, she shook her head and asked her parents “Did that just go in?”

Both parents joyously affirmed what she had seen in disbelief.

“Her ball just disappeared into the hole,” Lanell said. “She did this spread-eagle jump, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s great.’”

Lindsay said there was a lot of jumping on the tee box. Her dad also did a fist pump.

“I was stunned. It was pretty exciting,” Aaron said. “I jumped out of the cart and gave her a high-five and a big hug.”

Her shot marked the family’s fifth total holes-in-one on Marion’s No. 9.

Previously, Aaron logged two hole-in-one shots at the same green hitting from the men’s tees — one was Aug. 12, 2012, using a four iron; the other was Sept. 5, 2012, swinging a seven iron.

Lanell acquired her two hole-in-one shots June 28, 1993, and June 25, 2001, using a seven iron both times.

Lindsay has played golf since she was about 7 years old. In high school golf, she regularly played from the men’s tees.

She said she teased her brothers, Nickolas and Travis, about having finally joined the family “hole-in-one club.” Both her brothers are avid golfers, but neither has added a hole-in-one on No. 9 to their golfing achievements.

“I learned a lot about golf from playing with my brothers growing up,” Lindsay said. “We always have pushed each other to play better.”

Last modified April 23, 2015