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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Daniel L. and Lucillia A. Magathan and Roy A. Besswanger, by POA, to Anthony J. and Donna M. Brown, warranty deed; Lot 12, Block C, Eastshore Development.

Robert J. Bina to Jeanette M. Bina, transferrable on death warranty deed; NE/4 S24-T28-R04; NE/4 S20-T18-R05; SE/4 S16-T18-R05; NW/4 S21-T18-R05.

Marlene Bernhardt to Cynthia A. Moore and Shelli L. Hardey, transferrable on death warranty deed; Lots 8, 9, Block 3, Billings Addition, Marion.

Orval E. and Dorothy S. Krause to The City of Goessel, quit claim deed; Part of S/E4 S5-T21-R01.

Maurice and Nancy Meirowsky to Richard Lee and Heather Louisa Herpich, warranty deed; PT SE/4 SE/4 S19-T21-R03.

Erick J. and Cheryl K. Brandsted to Leroy S. Danler and Montana Danler, warranty deed; Lot 8, Block 27, Southern addition, Marion.

Patrick D. and Glenna Johnson to Travis Schafer, warranty deed; N/2 Lot 11, all Lot 12, Block 33, Southern Addition, Marion.

Gail A. Murrow, guardian & conservator to Rick C. and Gail L. Boaldin, conservators deed; Lot 8, Block B, Eastshore subdivision, Marion county.

Lloyd A. Funk to Lloyd S. and Marlene R. Voth, trustee’s deed; NE/4 S1-T21-R01 exc.

Mary and Jake D. Thiessen trust by trustee’s to Lloyd A funk, trustee, trustee’s deed; E/2 SW/4 S02-T20-R02 exc.

Paul G. and Elaine Jantzen to Clyve Douglas Herbert and Jane Oneill, warranty deed; N 40’ Lot 13, S 35’ Lot 12, Block 5, original town, Hillsboro.

Clifford D. and Cheryl J. Nickel to Mid—Kansas Credit Union, quit claim deed; Lot 4, Block 2, Prieb’s Addition, Hillsboro; Lot 2, Block 4, County Clerk’s 7th, Hillsboro.

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