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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds.

Lonnie L. and Charlotte A. King-Nickel to Novak Farms, Inc., warranty deed; part of NE/4 S7-T18-R3.

Vincenzo Trani to Wildcat Creek Ranch, LLC, warranty deed; SW/4 S-34-T21-R4.

Dayle M. Unruh to Janice M. and Deryll D. Amstutz, trustees, warranty deed; SW/4 NW/4 S31-T20-R2.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP, warranty deed; N 18’ Lot 616, all Lots 618, 620, Main Street, Florence.

Owen R. and Phyllis Louise Wingfield to Wingfield Farming, LP, warranty deed; W/2 SE/4 S13-T21-R3; W/2 SW/4 S13-T21-R3.

Otillia M. Hein to Otillia M. Hein, trustee, quit-claim deed; SW/4 S18-T17-R3.

Gladys Thiesen to Gladys Thiesen, quit-claim deed; N/2 S/2 SW/4 S23-T21-R1; S/2 S/2 SW/4 S23-T21-R1; N/2 N/2 SW/4 S23-T21-R1; S/2 N/2 SW/4 S23-T21-R1;

Cora M. Rogers to Billy D. Rogers, Michael R. Rogers, Dawn C. Luna, and Corey A. Rogers, transferrable on death warranty deed; PT N/2 NE/4 S33-T18-R4.

Ronald Hedrick to Justin Christopher Ryan Weerts and Darrel E. Sattler, warranty deed; S 2’ Lot 4, all Lot 5, Block 15, North Peabody, Peabody.

Marlene Fast to Rodney Bolstad, quit-claim deed; S 56’ Lot 7, Block 6, County Clerk’s 7th, Hillsboro.

Brian W. Ebel to Jared and Melissa Clark, quit-claim deed; Lot 3, Block 1, Bushman’s Addition, Hillsboro.

Charles G. to Ruth Cauthon, quit-claim deed; Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, Block 1, Hackler’s Addition, Tampa.

Sheriff of Marion County to Great Plains Federal Credit Union, sheriff’s deed; N/2 Lot 7 all Lot 8, Block 4, Beebe’s Addition, Hillsboro.

George V. and Patty L. Safarik to Kenneth J. Holub, warranty deed; W/2 SW/4 S28-T17-R3.

John L. Anderson to Edna L. Hullett, warranty deed; Lots 16, 17, Block 3, Jex Addition, Marion.

Michael S. O’Dell to Jeffrey W. and Kathy L. Inlow, warranty deed; PT SW/4 SW/4 S6-T21-R5.

Delano S. to Jeffrey W. and Kathy L. Inlow, warranty deed; PT SW/4 SW/4 S6-T21-R5.

Dianne and Don Burnett to Jeffrey W. and Kathy L. Inlow, warranty deed; PT SW/4 SW/4 S6-T21-R5.

Larry Goerzen, Jennifer Flaming, and Michael Goerzen to Paul Goerzen, trustees, trustees deed; PT S/2 S/2 SE/4 S32-T21-R1.

Seth M. Larson to Seth M. Larson, warranty deed; PT SW/4 S17-T19-R5.

Eric R. and Autumn Hardey to Dwayne Stika, warranty deed; PT Lots 5, 6, Block 12, Interstate Addition, Marion.

Irene F. Bezdek, Lisa D. Salsgiver, by POA and Angela R. Larsen, by POA to Jeremy and Dionne R. Loewen, warranty deed; PT NE/4 NE/4 S3-T20-R2.

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