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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Cynthia L. Fleming and John S. Savoia, successor co-trustees, trustee’s deed to Robyn E. and Jason G. Miller, 904 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Eddie D. and Sylvia Unger to Donnie C. Shaver, 502 S. Adams St., Hillsboro.

Wilma Jean Everett also known as Wilma J. Everett, by power of attorney, and Mary Jane Grimmett, by power of attorney, to Evan D. Slater, 234 W. 10th St., Florence.

Terry and Chelsi Jones to Hunter N. Makovec, 120 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

Verna Jean Gervais to City of Peabody, 109 N. Plum St., Peabody.

Marvin E. and Mary M. Meisinger to Richard Blount, 135 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Zana Manche to Jerome E. and Patricia Moore, 206 N. Church St., Goessel.

Thomas J. Conkle, successor trustee, mineral rights only for the southeast quarter of Section 7, in Catlin Township to Sierra Delta Ventures, LLC.

Sheriff of Marion County, sheriff’s deed to Richard G. Enns, 2578 Goldenrod Rd.

Larry P. and Wanda Koehn to Timothy B. and Sheila L. Koehn, 780 320th Rd. and 4.89 acres between Goldenrod and 320th Rds., Hillsboro.

Christopher L. and Rebecca B. Cezar to Stephen and Brenda Kitterman, 39.76 acres north of 40th Rd. between Limestone and Mustang Rds.

Martin D. and Karen J. Dalke to Martin and Karen Dalke Joint Living Trust, 1879 Jade Rd., 947 and 929 170th Rd.

City of Marion, quitclaim deed to Jeffrey A. Cady, 104 N. 5th St., Marion, then Jeffrey A. and Theresa Cady, quitclaim deed to City of Marion, portions of 104 N. 5th St., Marion.

Garry F. and Dania D. Crawford to Flip Flop, LLC, 5 Horseshoe Dr. and 1.99 acres along Lakeshore Dr.; also to Dwight and Dana Wernli, 4 Horseshoe Rd., Marion County Park and Lake; then buyers Dwight and Dana Wernli, transfer on death warranty deed for the same property to David Wernli and Melissa Vinson.

Stanley L. and Ruth L. Reed to James L. and Susan C. Beeson, 318 N. Elm St., Marion.

Debra Kay Genaidy to Dennis R. and Lori S. Funk, co-trustees, 78.17 acres at 210th and Mustang Rds.

Last modified June 21, 2017