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These deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County register of deeds:

Kenneth L. and Lois Frey to Kenneth L. and Lois Frey, co-trustees, warranty deed; Tract 1: part of west 50 acres of S2 S2 15-21-1. Tract 2: south 15 feet of east 1210 feet of 1660 feet N2 SW 4 15-21-1.

John N. and Barbara A. Raner to Carmelita M. Findley, quit-claim deed; Lots 1, 3, and 5 and east 100 feet of lots 7, 9, 11, and 13, Olive Street North, Peabody.

Donald Jeffrey Richmond to Tristan S. Snyder and Jenna R. Ekstrom, warranty deed; lots 1 through 13 inclusive, block 13, Southern Addition, Marion.

Elaine J. and Boyd B. Cargill to Elaine J. Cargill, trustee, quit-claim deed; lot 10, block 2, amended county’ clerk’s 9th Hillsboro plat, Hillsboro.

Rebecca Green NKA Rebecca Lynch and Craig Lynch to Harry V. and Janice L. Willems, warranty deed; lot 26, block 1, Willow Glen addition, Hillsboro.

Merill C. and Alva J. Branson to Aaron Loggan, warranty deed; part of SW 4 SW 4 5-21-1.

Clifford and Ramona Foth to Holly Robinson, warranty deed; lots 3 and 4, block 3, Willard’s addition, Marion.

John S. Smith to Echo Smith, quit-claim deed; lot 117 Miller’s second addition, Marion.

Randall Ward and Brenda Joy Koehn to Violet Koehn, quit-claim deed; part of NW4 SE 4 33-22-5.

Sheriff of Marion County to Tampa State Bank, sheriff deed; east 75 feet of lot 1 and east 75 feet of north 25 feet of lot 2, block 34, southern addition, Marion.

Roger E. and Ila Joyce Hofer to Roger E. Hofer, warranty deed; lot 5, block 1, Carriage Hills addition, Hillsboro.

Ervin and Carrol Ediger to Tony D. and Brandi E. Hein, warranty deed; tract 1: part of SE4 1-20-1. Tract 2: part of NE4 1-10-1.

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