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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Byron P. and Luralee J. Lange to Byron P. and Loralee J. Lange, trustees, quit-claim deed, 143.77 acres southeast of 130th and Mustang Rds.

Bradley Craig and Karen Diane Hubbard to Kayla Kennedy and Kevin Hubbard, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 9 Pioneer Ct., Marion.

Sheriff of Sedgwick County to EOBM Royalties LLC, sheriff’s deed, the following: 151.85 acres northeast of 320th and Remington Rds.; 148.85 acres northeast Upland and 240th Rds.; 40.25 acres northeast of Timber and 340th Rds.; 147.56 acres northwest of Vista and 350th Rds.; 77.08 acres along the east side of Timber Rd. south of 350th Rd.; 3454 Timber Rd., Lost Springs.

Troy Becker, administrator, to Troy Becker, Brandon C. Becker, and Daniel C.L. Becker, administrator deed, 1155 Alamo Rd., Newton.

Larry D. and Kela A. Schmidt to Christopher S. Gaddis, 209 S. Buller St., Goessel.

Christopher S. and Cynthia Gaddis to Christopher S. and Cynthia Gaddis, 209 S. Buller St., Goessel.

Mark and Tonya Richards to Tonya Richards, 1660 Quail Creek Rd., Marion.

Jami Williams now known as Jami Mayfield and William David Mayfield to John H. and Penny R. Antoszyk, 710 E. Denver St., Marion.

John H.Antoszyk, by power of attorney, and Penny R. Antoszyk to Andrew and Jenna Brunner, 408 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Jon and Carolyn Gard to Becky L. Gard, Crystal A. Gard, Christian S. Gard, Allison E. Anderson, Brice C. Anderson, and Olivia A. Anderson, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 528 W. 9th St., Peabody.

Christopher and Kara Luce to Diana C. Costello, quit-claim deed, 419 N. Freeborn St., Marion.

Marilyn W. Howe to Marion County, highway deed, 1.289 acres southwest of Nighthawk and 130th Rds.

Luke L. and Ellen F. Classen to Gary W. and Rebecca L. McGuire, 929 Diamond Rd., Newton.

James and Joyce L. Loewen to Douglas A. and Sharon K. Loewen, 79.53 acres along the north side of 140th Rd. east of Limestone Rd.

Carolyn Grace Jensen to Stevan B. and Donna R. Hanneman, co-trustees, 78.21 acres along the west side of Kanza Rd. south of 110th Rd.

Clifford Eitzen to Stevan B. and Donna R. Hanneman, co-trustees, 78.42 acres southeast of 110th and Jade Rds.

Stephen T. and Michelle R. Glahn to Stephen T. and Michelle R. Glahn, quitclaim deed, 19.2 acres along the south side of 180th Rd. west of Nighthawk Rd., 102.36 acres northeast of Nighthawk and 170th Rds., 87.43 acres along the east side of Sunrise Rd. northeast of 210th Rd., .25 acres east of Sunrise Rd. along the traintracks, and 77.82 acres along the east side of Limestone Rd. south of 150th Rd.

Eddie Paul and Catherine A. Johnson to Jesus M. and Laurie L. Mercado, 610 N. Maple Rd., Peabody.

Jan Ackerman, administratrix, to Eldon L. and Rhonda Hett, administrator deed, lot 7, block 3 of the Billings and Bowers Addition, Marion.

Karen Monroe, successor trustee to The Schroeder Trust, trustee’s deed, south 25.5 feet of lot four, and lot 15, block B, Centennial Addition, Goessel.

Charles G. and Linda G. Kannady, trustees, to Lori L. and Douglas A. Heerey, trustee’s deed, 401 E. Main St., Marion.

Lori L. and Douglas A. Heerey to Heerey Real Estate LLC, 401 E. Main St., Marion.

Racheal A. Plenert to Joshua D. Plenert, quitclaim deed, 306 N. Ash St., Hillsboro.

DFH, Inc. formerly known as Donahue Corporation, to Dudley J. Donahue, corporation deed, 154.18 acres northwest of 300th Rd. and Diamond Rd., and 158.45 acres northeast of Falcon and 280th Rds.

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