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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Jerry F. and Susan W. LaForge to Burton L. and Amy R. Harshman, 1672 Highway 77, Marion.

Helen E. Becker Revocable Trust to Todd and Amy S. Wiebe, trustee’s deed, 148.78 acres southwest of 20th and Yarrow Rds.

Helen E. Becker Revocable Trust to Justin and Carissa Wiebe, trustee’s deed, 77.62 acres northwest of 20th and Yarrow Rds.

Lance and Johnna Sawyer to Jordan and Sydney Ragsdale, 107 S. Jefferson St., Hillsboro.

Lucas and Mattie King to Vallin M. Myers and Scott A. Akers, 505 and 509 N. Walnut St., Marion.

Kenneth D. and Margie A. Sandwell to Kathy L. Koop, Tammy L. Snelling, and Jay A. Sandwell, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 1940 Navajo St., Canada, plus adjoining lots.

Charles E. Reece, ind., and Cindy K. Reece by power of attorney, Richard A. and Kelly Siebert, Tracy and Richard Lynn Garrison, by POA, and Julie L. Ascenio by power of attorney to Richard K. Meisinger, 608 E. Hudson St., Marion.

Lisa R. Reid to Allen A. Abbott, quit-claim deed, 110 6th St., Lincolnville.

Chris A. and Roxie D. Davis to Allen A. Abbott, quitclaim deed, 110 6th St., Lincolnville.

Kim M. and James R. Lake to Allen A. Abbott, quitclaim deed, 110 6th St., Lincolnville.

Curt A. and Lori A. Davis to Allen A. Abbott, quitclaim deed, 110 6th St., Lincolnville.

Shauna M. Kern and Christina S. Reeves, trustees, to Brandi Minor, trustee’s deed, 313 S. Birch St., Hillsboro.

Jeff and Holly Savage to Kevin S. and Bonnie B. Gaeddert, 201 W. Main St., Goessel.

Joyce A. Barkman Living Trust to Peggy A. Ledbetter, trustee’s deed, 213 S. Kennedy, Hillsboro.

Kelley Jae and Travis Schafers to the Estate of Steven L. Hett, quitclaim deed, 2306 140th Rd., Marion.

William L. and Rita E. Faunce to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 2519 20th Rd., Burns.

Dale Ehlers also known as A. Dale Ehlers and Betty Ehlers also known as Betty L. Ehlers to A. Dale and Betty L. Ehlers, quitclaim deed, 211 E. Maple St., Marion.

Allen A. Abbott, by power of attorney, to Heath and Sabrina Shields, 110 W. 6th St., Lincolnville.

Helen E. Becker Revocable Trust to Donna Schneider, trustee’s deed, 206 E. Scott St., Burns.

Diana C. Costello to Gerald J. and Jan C. Wiens, 419 N. Freeborn St., Marion.

James F. and Judith A. Schrag to James F. Schrag and Judith A. Schrag, trustees, undivided half interest in three parcels near Kanza Rd. at 210th and 220th Rds.

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