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These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Gerald A. and Heather C. Vinduska to David and Jackie K. Crofoot, 805 S. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Rodney G. and Susan A. Hein, also known as Susan Hein, to Rodney G. and Susan A. Hein, co-trustees, 71.47 acres north of 230th Rd. between Falcon and Goldenrod Rds.; 118.54 acres north 230th Rd. between Indigo Rd. and K-15; 119.34 acres south of 220th Rd. between Goldenrod Rd. and K-15; 39.50 acres south of 210th Rd. between Goldenrod and Falcon Rds.; 2338 Indigo Rd. and 302 S. Elm St., Hillsboro.

Celvin L. and Anne M. Rose to Lavonne Calam, 108 E. C St., Hillsboro.

Hillsboro Ford Mercury, Inc. to First Mennonite Church of Hillsboro, lot 21 of block 12, Hillsboro.

Terry Lee Britton quitclaim deed to Debbie Lynn Stephens, 108 W. 8th St., Florence.

Debbie Lynn Stephens quitclaim deed to Terry Lee Britton, 1502 Marion St., Florence.

Brian Dale Klassen, Lenora Jane and Londell Duerksen, Ishmael M. and Ellen Morris, Robert Ray and Rebecca Klassan to Verney L. and Janice E. Voth, co-trustees, 21.66 acres south of 90th Rd. between Meridian and Alamo Rds.

Gladys M. and James A. Preheim, trustees deed to Preheim Farms, LLC, 157.91 acres south of 50th Rd. between Sunflower and Timber Rds; and 316.19 acres north of 20th Rd. between Sunflower and Remington Rds.

Gladys M. and James A. Preheim, trustees deed to Randall J. Preheim, Bonnie K. Shaw, Russel and Bernice Ronnebaum Joint Revocable Trust, 2190 10th St., Burns.

James A. and Gladys M. Preheim, trustees deed to Preheim Farms, LLC, 40.23 acres north of 40th Rd. between Sunflower and Timber Rds.; and 38.63 acres southwest of 30th and Sunflower Rds.

The Commerce Trust Company, Eric and Suzanne Jones, successor co-trustees, trustees deed an undivided 68 percent to Danielle M. Rogers, and an undivided 32 percent to Nichole A. Nesser, 2677 Alamo Rd., Canton.

Edna Schmidt Giesel, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Randy Giesel and Finette Koehn, 2837 30th Rd., Burns.

Neoma and Lester G. Flaming, by power of attorney to David J. and Claire A. Sanders, 405 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Schmidt Family Revocable Trust by trustee, trustees deed to Kurt A. and Jeanelle C. Herbel, co-trustees, 77.24 acres southwest of 90th Rd. and Goldenrod Rds.

Errol G. and Grace M. Becker to Sherri R. Sells, 115 S. Summit St., Goessel.

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