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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Dustin L. Hulett, quitclaim deed to Rebecca A. Hulett, 401 S. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Justin Omstead, quitclaim deed to Denise Fetrow, 509 Doyle St., Florence.

Brian E. McDowell and Alisa J. Holm-McDowell, by power of attorney, to Devon and Dayna Desrochers, 705 W. Potters St., Peabody.

Shirley A. Kasper to Christopher D. Frantz and Terry J. Pierce, 2028 Indigo Rd.

Bob and Sara Ann Flaming to Thomas C. and Nicole K. Byford, 614 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Colton L. Brown, quitclaim deed to Amanda R. Brown, 317 S. Freeborn St., Marion.

Charlotte C. Hagaman, transfer on death warrenty deed to Charlotte C. Hagaman, trustee, 908 E. D St., Hillsboro.

Sharon Clark, now known as Sharon K. Horner and Richard D. Horner, to Richard D. and Sharon K. Horner, 415 W. 7th St., Florence.

Dwight A. and Carol J. Dirks to James L. and Laurel F. Braden, 112 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Daryl R. and Patricia Jo Enos, trustees, trustee deed to Excelsior Estate LLC, 2039 176th Rd.

Deloris A. Schmidt, trustee, trustee deed to Deloris A. Schmidt, trustee, 39.43 acres south of 120th, between Bison and Chisholm Trail Rds.; 39 acres northeast of Diamond and 110th Rds,; 38.21 acres southwest of Diamond and 110th Rds., and 78.3 acres east of McPherson and Marion county line, between 130th and 140th Rds.

Travis A. and Dakota S. Tannahill to Jackie L. Gage Jr. and Becky E. Gage, 405 W. Arbor Ct., Hillsboro.

Tyler Ray Schroeder and Alisha Camille and Clayton Baughman to Tyler Schroeder, 843 Chisholm Trail Rd.

James E. Goering and Gloria Goering, also known as Gloria Jean Goering, transfer on death warrenty deed to Angela Fitzpatrick, Jessica Wood, Victoria Jergenson and Josiah K-150 and Xavier Rds.; 74.52 acres southeast of Xavier and 210th Rds., and 38.66 acres northwest of Wagonwheel and 170th Rds.

Arnold J. and Judy E. Sommerfeld, transfer on death warrenty deed to Angela J. Staley and Anita J. Rogers, 716 Lawrence Ave., Durham.

Marsha Thiesen to Adam Thiesen, 37.2 acres east of Diamond Rd., between 100th and 90th Rds.

Last modified July 11, 2018