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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Debra E. Hardey to Eric Randel Hardey, Andrew Adrian Hardey, and Amanda Elizabeth Pastore, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 109 S. Summit St., Goessel.

James D. and Carole L. Navrat to TMR Properties LLC, a lot northeast of Prospect and Maria St., Lehigh.

Heather Anne Fay to Fay Family TR, quitclaim deed to 145 N. Freeborn St., Marion.

Jamie Lea Richmond Shirley and William T. Shirley to Rick James Richmond, quitclaim deed to 730 E. Maple St., Marion.

Linda Gail Raymond, Anna R. Raymond, and Laura Raymond Swann, co-trustees to Raymond Farms LLC, trustee deed to 156.78 acres southwest of Vista and 350th Rds.; 336 160th Rd. along with 200 acres; 217 S. Madison St., Hillsboro; 78.34 acres south of 165th Rd. between Goldenrod and Holly Rds.; 79.13 acres east of Chisholm Trail Rd. between 140th and 150th Rds.; 160.1 acres south of 190th Rd. between Alfalfa Rd. and Marion/Chase County Line; 78.36 acres southeast of 150th and Chisholm Trail Rds., and 159.52 acres west of Diamond Rd. between 180th and 190th Rds.

Sheriff of Marion County to Judy Kay Wyckoff, sheriff deed to 410 N. D St., Ramona.

In four separate transactions, Sheriff of Marion County to Jason Schafers, sheriff deed to 210 W. 11th St., Florence, 116 S. Olive St., 108 N. Olive St., and 205 S. Olive St., Peabody.

Sheriff of Marion County to YaVonne L. Burhoop, sheriff deed to 1898 300th Rd.

Sheriff of Marion County to Gary McCloud Sr., sheriff deed to 109 S. Birch St., Hillsboro.

Sheriff of Marion County to Kieu My Truong, sheriff deed to 311 N. Elm St., Peabody.

In two separate transactions, Sheriff of Marion County to Daniel Hauserman II, sheriff deed to a lot west of Spruce St. between E. 3rd and E. Division Sts., and 509 E. 2nd St., Peabody.

Sheriff of Marion County to Nathan Barney, sheriff deed to 326 W. 3rd St., Tampa.

David M. and Diane S. Branson to David M. and Diane S. Branson, and Ty T. Branson, 2128 Strassburg Dr., Eastshore.

Terry and Brenda Edwards to Danny J. and Barbara J. Bradfield, 405 N. Locust St., Marion.

Marc and Lynn Hughes to V-S-Hanson D-T 2020, 111 N. Walnut St., Peabody.

In two separate transactions, Jana Voth and Louann J. Voth to Steven Voth, quitclaim deed to 37.89 acres northwest of 190th and Alamo Rds.

Leon Suderman revocable living trust to Jared Vondenkamp and Lisa Suderman, 78.75 acres north of 210th Rd., between Yarrow and Zebulon Rds.

James L. and Judith J. Christensen To Whom It May Concern, revocable transfer-on death warranty deed to 2120 Strassburg Dr., Eastshore.

Pennymac Loan Service LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 213 S. Jefferson St., Hillsboro.

Keri D. Bell, now known as Keri D. Spencer and Lloyd Leonard Spencer Jr. to Matthew T. and Michelle C. Meyer, 509 S. Wilson St., Hillsboro.

City of Marion to Jerry Dieter, cemetery deed to a lot at Marion Cemetery.

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