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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Galen Eitzen, also known as Galen R. Eitzen, Barbara J. Riggs, and Stuart J. Eitzen to Galen R. Eitzen and Barbara J. Riggs, quitclaim deed to 61.28 acres south of 160th Rd. between Kanza and Limestone Rds.

Dani and Becky Martin to Brandon and Kaitlyn Johnson, 264 80th Rd.

Jaunita M. Watson trust to Joseph Andrew and Maryanne Marie Settanni, trustee deed to 504 N. Walnut St., Peabody.

Matthew Ryan Stuchlik and Sarah Kilpela to Brian and Amanda Rhodes, 122 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Marvin D. Larsen revocable trust to US412 Postal Assets, LLC, trustee deed to 96.81 acres southeast of Nighthawk and 90th Rds.

Daniel D’Albini to Graden Clinton and Dottie Marie Haskin, 140 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Leroy and Dorothy Parks to Randall M. Eitzen, trustee, 1273 Jade Rd. along with 63.78 acres.

Arnold J. and Judy E. Sommerfeld to Luke M. Wiebe and Jessica Dawn Koehn, 716 Lawrence St., Durham.

Tyler J. and Sara N. Schmidt, formally known as Sara N. Holman-Bowman, to Christopher Fox, 1010 Chisholm Trail Rd.

Frederick J. and Brenda J. Schmidt revocable trust to Andrew A. Christ, trustee deed to 102 S. Pine St., Goessel.

Margaret Giesbrecht, by power-of-attorney, to Ty B. and Jacqueline P. Buller, 58 acres east of Diamond Rd. between US-56 and 190th Rd.

Amy J. and Zachary L. Husman to Bruce C. and Lenora C. Carlisle, 1824 60th Rd.

Delores M. Dalke living revocable trust to Nancy J. Jones and Suzanne Vanderpool, 405 E. 1st St., Hillsboro.

In two separate transactions, Betty Bevan, transfer-on-death warranty deed to Pam Bevan and Todd Bevan, undivided ½ interests, and Betty Bevan, Pam Bevan, Todd and Jessica Bevan, quitclaim deed to Ray and Dean Starnes, 205 S. Berry St., Lost Springs.

Victor Paul Claassen and Vicki Ann Klassen to Victor Paul Claassen and Vicki Ann Klassen, trustees, 77.9 acres southwest of 250th and Jade Rds.

Mark Levering to Mark Levering, trustee, 307 N. Vine St., Peabody.

PLMR I, Inc to Cornerstone Charitable Foundation, 609 Western Heights Circle, Hillsboro.

Jean D. Smith trust to Leroy and Dorothy Parks, trustee deed to 312 E. 2nd St., Peabody.

Heath Shields to MFA Oil Company, 205 Lincolnville St., Lincolnville.

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