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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Sheriff Marion County to Paul L. and Kimie K. Tucker, sheriff deed to undivided ΒΌ mineral interests north of KWY-50 between Xavier and Yarrow Rds.

Randall G. and Carolyn Brazil and Brazil Investment LLC to Randal G. and Carolyn Brazil, quitclaim deed to 102 N. Ash St., and 807 E. D St., Hillsboro.

Martin D. and Karen Dalke to The Martin and Karen Dalke joint living trust, 32.5 acres southeast of 170th and Goldenrod Rds.

Colton M. Jeffrey and Helen L. Bernhardt to Bryce A. Schults, 316 S. Lincoln St., Marion.

William Koehn Jr. and Donna M. Koehn to Ronald W. and Cynthia R. Koehn, 204 E. Scott St., Burns.

Emilee Dawn and Kevin L. Haynes, Erin Deann and Jeffrey Brin, Lesley Renee and Joseph Tilley to PVK Land LLC, 158.22 acres northwest of 290th and Bluestem Rds.

Sean D. and Reann L. Buckanan to Tobin L. Henson, quitclaim deed to a lot southwest of Douglas Ave. and 3rd St., Durham.

In two separate transactions, Lowell Thomas and Carla Strecker, warranty deed to Brett and Michelle D. Hajek, Darrin and Kristen Hajek, and Trent and Leah Hajek, and Brett and Michelle D. Hajek, Darrin and Kristen Hajek, and Trent and Leah Hajek, quitclaim deed to Brett Hajek, Darrin Hajek, and Trent Hajek, 35.01 acres south of 350th Rd. between Timber and Upland Rds.

Heath Shields to Sterling T. and Roxann R. Price, 110 W. 6th St., Lincolnville.

Melvin R. and Delores E. Rosfeld to Melvin R. and Delores E. Rosfeld, trustees, 824 110th Rd.

Duane R. Kliewer to Myron G. and Mary Kliewer, trustee deed to 29.78 acres south of 230th Rd., between Indigo and Jade Rds., and 39.57 acres northeast of Indigo and 210th Rds.

Duane R. Kliewer, to Duane R. and Ruth Kliewer, trustee deed to 98.51 acres south of 220th Rd. between Indigo and Jade Rds.

Duane R. Kliewer to Leonard and Janice L. Hopkins, trustee deed to 901 W. Grand St., Hillsboro.

Duane R. Kliewer to Daryl W. Kliewer, trustee deed to part of 78.68 acres at 901 W. Grand St., Hillsboro.

Russell Camp, Beth Camp by power-of-attorney to Rollin and Janice Camp, and Scott A. and Tamara J. Koehn, 78.46 acres northwest of 170th and Chisholm Trail Rds.

Michelle R. and Stephen T. Glahn, Angela C. and Michael Spielman to Sherry L. and Keith A. Hess, 134 S. Lincoln and 139 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Timothy Patrick and Lisa Ann Donahue to Gary W. Suderman revocable trust, trustee deed to 157.6 acres southeast of 220th and Zebulon Rds.

Sabrina Albrecht, also known as Sabrina Powell and Brian Powell to Taylor Elaine Peterson, 2870 US-77.

Sheryl Buck to Lisa Marie Buck, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 310 Scott St., Burns.

Jessika M. Workman and Matthew Wilson Jr. to James A. and Linnah A. Selley, 123 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Vernon and Clara Hiebert revocable trust to Brian William and Holly Nicole Nickel, trustee deed to 2161 Indigo Rd.

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