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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Constance F. Isaac to Donald J. and Constance F. Isaac, quitclaim deed to 66.39 acres southwest of 180th and Alamo Rds.

In two, separate transactions, Kurt Finney to Kole A. Finney and Kyler A. Finney, mineral deed to ½ interest in minerals southeast of US-77 and 290th Rd.

Carol S. Bishop to Mary L. and Orris R. Shipman, 715 Main St., Florence.

Charlotte Alice King-Nickel to Dan S. King, Elmer King III, Wilfred King, Darlene King Hubbard, Kerry Nickel, Kacey Nickel, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 210 W. 6th St., Lincolnville.

Charlotte Alice King-Nickel to William and Jessica Dykens, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 704 W. Grand St., Hillsboro.

Sheriff Marion County to Gary and Amy Etheridge, sheriff deed to a lot northwest of Main St. between N. South Ave., and N. North Ave., Lehigh.

Daniel W. Kyle and Nancy D. Garcia to Michele Sattler, 104 W. 7th St., Florence.

Herington Municipal Hospital to Herington Municipal Hospital Foundation, quitclaim deed to 104 and 112 St. Main St., Hillsboro.

Linnah A. and James Andrew Selley to Sam Hood, also known as Samuel Hood, 314 W. Marion St., Burns.

Jimmie L. Brawner, trustee to Frank Tajchman, quitclaim deed to a lot south of North St. between N. 3rd St., and N. 4th St., Marion.

Wildcat Creek Ranch LLC to Randall M. Eitzen, trustee, 157.99 acres northeast of Sunflower and 70th Rds., 186.51 acres northeast of Remington and 60th Rds., and 456.4 acres north of 60th Rd. between Pawnee and Quail Creek Rds.

John M. and Carla J. Hajek to Tyler Garrett and Amy Jo Richmond, 1/3 interest in part of 151.72 acres northeast of 320th and Old Mill Rds.

John M. and Carla J. Hajek to Alex Joseph and Bethany Leann Hajek and John M. and Carla J. Hajek, 40 acres northwest of Old Mill and 330th Rds.

Terri L. Tucker to Donald A. and Karen S. Wedd, a lot southwest of E. 7th and N. Sycamore Sts.

Darren Mehl and Dana Kay Stallwitz, 156.9 acres southwest of 180th and Wagonwheel Rds.

Michael T. and Jean C. Mitchell to Brandon and Christina Wiggins, 440 Grandview St., Florence.

Stuart D. Seibel to Jeremy C. and Dionne R. Loewen, trustees, 489.4 acres southwest of 140th and Indigo Rds.

Anita and Kent Muhs, and Lois and Darrin Cox to Jeremy C. and Dionne R. Loewen, 67.72 acres west of Indigo Rd. between 130th and 140th Rds.

Newrez LLC, doing business as, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Marc and Samantha Westbrock, 411 E. 6th St., Peabody.

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