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These deeds were reported last week as being recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless noted.

John and Trisha Branson to Micheal S. Britton, quitclaim deed to 236 W. 7th St., Florence.

Cheryl L. Van Buren to Ronny G. Lieurance, correction to transfer-on-death warranty deed to two parcels near 2472 Falcon Rd.

Tommy L. and Marlene A. Richards to Melvin and Joan Litwiller, quitclaim deed to 302 E. Grand Ave., Hillsboro.

Steven L. Jost Revocable Living Trust to Gerald W. and Patsy D. Ratliff, trustee deed to 228 S. Lincoln St., Marion.

Ronald K. and Karen R. Bachman Revocable Trust to Zak M. Kurkowski and Olivia Bures, trustee deed to 102 90th Rd.

Diane Karol Muzyka and Debra Kay Anderson to Christropher M. Parrish and Revina Ogle, 111 N. North Ave., Lehigh.

In three separate transactions, Ronald W., Vernon D., Tammy, and Arlin R. Richert; Mark and Darlene Richert Beranek; Greg and Karen Dirksen; and Vernon D., Tammy, and Arlin B. Richert to Duerksen Farms LLC, 46.73 acres southwest of 160th and Diamond Rds.

Katelyn N. and Jon Ray Christiansen to Justin K. Indorf, quitclaim deed to 307 W. Marion St., Lehigh.

John Bichelmeyer and Michelle Wilson to Johnny Bichelmeyer, 302, 318, and 602 Main St., 601 Lincoln St., and 216 W. 3rd St., Tampa.

Alicia J. Nienstedt to Charles and Teresa Ehmann, 215 N. Roosevelt St., Marion.

W. Martin Bosworth Jr. to Riverwood Energy LLC, mineral rights to southwest quarter of northwest quarter southeast of 370th and Meridian Rds.

Kent D. and Ginger K. Becker to themselves as trustees, 680 290th Rd., 80.29 acres north of that, and 216 Kruse St., Eastshore.

Patrick Combs to Shawn Micheal and Lara Marie McCall, 156.84 acres south of 280th Rd. between Upland and Vista Rds.

Ty R. Zeiner to Bradley O. Yazel, 12 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

Peabody State Bancorp to Cowan Chumbley, 106 E. 2nd St., Peabody.

Last modified Feb. 11, 2021