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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Paula Gabrielle Brom to Paula G. Brom, trustee, quitclaim deed to 510 W. Main St., Lincolnville.

Vern Schroeder and Jane E. Schroeder revocable inter vivos trust to Russell and Sandra Duerksen, trustee deed to 1541 K-15 along with 77.75 acres and 1540 K-14 along with 76.78 acres.

Gordon L. and Doris M. Koehn to Reginald and Lori L. Hiebert, 104 and 106 E. D St., Hillsboro.

Donna J. Beneke to whom it may concern, revokes transfer-on-death warranty deed to 8.57 acres south of 320th Rd. between Vista Rd. and US-77, 90.22 acres southwest of US-77 and 320th Rd.

Jo A. Ottensmeier to Michael E. Ottensmeier, Tami R. Williams, and Keith A. Ottensmeier, transfer-on-death-warranty deed to 215 S. Freeborn St., Marion.

Norma J. Graver to Adam D. and Jessica S. Wulf, 853 Chisholm Trail Rd.

Danielle Acker, formally known as Danielle Kirkpatrick to Matthew Kirkpatrick, also known as Matthew R. Kirkpatrick, quitclaim deed to 79.5 acres south of 100th Rd., between Quail Creek and Remington Rds.

Gordon G. and Shirley A. Groening, and Jerry D. and Sherylene K. Groening to Bradley and Kayla Rader, 201 S. Wilson St., Hillsboro.

Russell and Jeanne Groves to Venture Holdings, LLC, several plots northwest of E. 3rd and N. Adams Sts., Hillsboro.

In two separate transactions, Umbach Estates Properties and Doyle K. Jost to Brent and Brenda Lynette Barkman, 157.1 acres southwest of 190th and Limestone Rds., and 79.44 acres west of Limestone Rd. between 180th and 190th Rds.

Rollin K. and Brenda S. Schmidt to Derek Penner, 308 E, Marion St., Goessel.

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