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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Larry Dewayne Wedel to Dalton Lloyd Wiebe, 78.49 acres northeast of 310th and Diamond Rds.

Timothy M. Lohrenz and Gail Kliewer, co-trustees to Gail and Lawrence Kliewer, trustee deed to 1359 Jade Rd. along with 118.38 acres.

Katherine A. Herrman to herself, 80.13 acres north of 330th Rd. between Upland and Vista Rds.

Arnold Jagt to Tammy Whiteside, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 1001 N. Vice St., Peabody.

Charlotte and Chris G. Coleman to themselves, 2145 Kruse Dr., Eastshore.

Dudley Donahue revocable living trust to Scully Partners, LP, trustee deed to 37.54 acres southeast of 340th Rd. and Hwy 15.

C. Scott Robinson, trustee, to Richard and Josephine Holm, trustee deed to 811 N. Elm St., Peabody.

In three separate transactions, Ervin L. Loveless to Judy Houdyshell, David Loveless and Tamara Suffield, mineral deed to northwest of US-56/77 and 250th Rd. and north of 240th between US-56/77 and Xavier Rd.

Thomas Jeremy and Andrea R. Grace and Kristin J. and Gary L. Lucas to Darryl D. and Mary J. Sledd, 2910 47th Terr.

Joan M. Berg to Thomas McHugh, quitclaim deed to 250 W. 10th St., Florence.

Timothy M. Lohrenz and Gail Kliewer, co-trustees, trustee deed to Timothy M. and Colleen A. Lohrenz, 78.76 acres southwest of 140th and Kanza Rds. and 156.71 acres northwest of 110th and Kanza Rds.

Denise Deann Krause trust to Brett K. Porter, trustee deed to 605 N. Poplar St., Peabody.

Strawn Homes, Inc to Matthew Kent and Amber Marie Powers, a lot east of N. Coble St., between Kellison and E. Denver Sts., Marion.

Mark D. and Janelle R. Stockman to Valerie Hatton, 901 N. Vine St., Peabody.

Peoples Bank and Trust Company, trustee to Lawrence Wayne and Cheryl Lee Everhart, trustee deed to 152.62 acres southeast of 210th and Bison Rds.

Gary and Mindy Carpenter to Gary W. Carpenter, 15 Rock Rd., Marion County Park and Lake.

Cara Lee Stockdale to David A. and Deborah J. McClanahan, 7 Rock Rd., Marion County Park and Lake.

Bret A. and Julianna H. White to Mid-Kansas Leasing, LLC, 204 E. Case St., Lehigh.

Victor E. Klaassen living trust to Gary J. and Linda R. Harms revocable trust and Shawn A and Kristin L. Wiebe, trustee deed to 82 acres north of 20th Rd. between Mustang and Nighthawk Rds.

Richard Harrington, also known as Bradford Harrington, to Richard L. and Sharon R. Terrel, quitclaim deed to a lot northeast of Arbor and S. Garfield St., Marion.

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