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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common

Tampa State Bank to Lance L. Carter, 333 S. 3rd St., Marion.

Eugene Ray and Tammy Newfield, Jean E. Newfield, and Marlin Schroeder to Dennis R. and Betty J. Twigg, 125 and 201 E. 9th St., Peabody.

Carolyn Gard to Steven Loren and Ashlee Mary Nance, 528 W. 9th St., Peabody.

Donald J. and Constance F. Isaac to Donald J. and Constance F. Isaac revocable trust, 39.64 acres west of Alamo Rd. between 170th and 180th Rds.; 35.75 acres west of K-15 between 170th and 180th Rds.; 404 Briarwood Lane, Hillsboro; and 66.39 acres south of 180th Rd. between Alamo and Meridian Rds.

Richard L. and Patricia R. McLinden to Regan Elizabeth and Jordan Renee Morton and Lauren Marie and Jarret Lane McLinden, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 225 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Delbert A. and Linda K. Eden to Preston Stevens, Bianca Alysia Stevens, and Elizabeth Kathleen Stevens, 116 W. 3rd St., Peabody.

Andrew E. Krause to Andrew S. Krause, 323 N. Cedar St., Marion.

Rhonda R. Brenzikofer, trustee, to Dean V. and Renae S. Pusateri, trustee deed to 2071 140th Rd. along with 22.43 acres.

Janet K. Hanson to Tommy and Callie Holland, 8 Pioneer Ct., Marion County Park and Lake.

David Ogden, executor, to Carson Ann Smith, executor deed to 81.08 and 78.34 acres northwest of 260th and Clover Rds. and 3001 270th Rd. along with 157.28 acres.

Brandy Ankenman to Richard L. Wyss Jr. and Darla S. Wyss, 417 S. Coble St., Marion.

Jeff E. and Candy Q. Sherwood to David D. and Darlene S. McMurray, 72 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

Keith’s Foods LLC to Goessel Grocery and Deli LLC, 220 Main St., Goessel.

Justin and Amanda E. Dameron to Trinity Brianne Smith, 400 N. Cedar St., Marion.

Brett and Michael Heathcock to Robert D. and Florence M. Rahn, 114 N. Adams St., Hillsboro.

Last modified June 9, 2021