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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Bruce and Belinda H. Skiles to Rhino Car Wash LLC, 1501 Sandstone St., Marion.

In separate transactions, Quail Creek Ranch LLC to Landon R. and Alicia D. Herbel, 2202 Quail Creek Rd. along with part of 159.64 acres.

Schneider Family Trust to Mark A. and Sandra R. Hiebert, trustee deed to 78.14 acres northeast of Holly and 140th Rds.

Teresa M. Tajchman, trustee, to Jacqueline L. Jirak, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 74.66 acres along with 3534 Remington Rd.

Cow Camp Inc. to George Miehle, 1772 365th Rd.

In separate transactions, Jon C. Wiebe Revocable Living Trust to Jon C. and Ellynne S. Wiebe Revocable Trust, trustee deed to 76.44 acres northeast of K-15 and 180th Rd., 1762 Meridian Rd. along with 39.61 acres, and 39.77 acres west of Alamo Rd. between 170th and 180th Rds.

Energy Real Estate Inc to David P. Mueller, 518 Main and 500 Lincoln Sts., Tampa.

In separate transactions, Shawn A. and Kristin L. Wiebe and Gary J. and Linda R. Harms Revocable Trust to Daryl Reimer and Janene K. Mabrey, 82.14 acres north of 20th Rd. between Mustang and Nighthawk Rds.

Daryl and Terri Reimer and Janene K. Mabrey to Gary J. and Linda R. Harms Revocable Trust and Shawn A. and Kristin L. Wiebe, 37.21 acres northwest of 20th and Mustang Rds.

Norman L. Funk Trust to Lindferd P. and Delores R. Funk, trustees, trustee deed to 74.18 acres northwest of US-56 and Mustang Rd.

In separate transactions, Bierly Aboite to Patricia Duran then Patricia Duran and Jorge Garcia to Ethan Hinton, 214 W. 6th St., Florence.

Larry L. and Barbara L. Smith to John A. Schermerhorn, 213 N. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

In separate transactions, Royal Barten Living Trust to Lynn Barten, Casey Joel Barten, and Matt Jeremy Barten, then Lynn L. and Linda S. Barten to Lynn L. and Linda S. Barten Living Trust, 155.68 acres southeast of 370th and Diamond Rds.

Last modified Jan. 19, 2022