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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Bret James and Pamela Sue Soyez to Bret J. and Pamela S. Soyez, trustees, 158 130th Rd. along with 26.86 acres.

Cowan Chumbley to Kirkhart Investments LLC, 106 E. 2nd St., Peabody.

Diana C. Ediger to Antonio TJ Rivera, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 514 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Gerald D. and Norma R. Kline to Kimberly D. Kline and Nancy J. Kline, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 222 S. Lincoln St., Marion, and 2022 Alfalfa Rd. along with 75.34 acres.

Charlotte Alice King-Nickel to Don S. King, Marion Elmer King III, Wilfred King, Darlene King Hubbard, and Kacey Nickel, transfer-on-death warranty deed, 210 W. 6th St., Lincolnville.

Richard and Leann Enns to Fidel Hernandez III and Brittanie Hernandez, 219 N. Adams St., Hillsboro.

Ellynne S. Wiebe Revocable Trust to Jeremy Dean and Kasey Kaye Gooch, trustee deed to 204 S. Kennedy St., Hillsboro.

Lawrence Wayne and Cheryl Lee Everhart to William Keith Everhart, 152.62 acres southeast of Bison and 210th Rds.

Darrel Krause Trust to Dennis P and Ana Maria Krause, trustee deed to 79.77 acres west of Clover between 290th and 300th Rds.

Sheriff of Marion County to Intrust Bank, sheriff deed to 208 W. 2nd St., Peabody.

Maxine Barton by power-of-attorney, to Frederick J. Wilson III and Alice M. R. Wilson, 114 Adams St., Lincolnville.

Dennis R. and Betty J. Twigg to Peabody Affordable Land Trust, 125 and 205 E. 9th St., Peabody.

Joel E. Suderman Trust to Dawn A. and Joel E. Suderman, trustees, trustee deed to 118.84 acres northwest of Old Mill and 130th Rds.

In separate transactions, Patricia Ketchum and William Bellew by power-of-attorney, to Oleyta F. Triston, then Oleyta F. Triston to Oleyta F. Triston, Cassia Z. Galleher, and William D. Stavig, 595 Norwood St., Peabody.

Sharon A. Werner and Karen M. Humphreys to Melissa Ryan, 58 and 59 Lakeshore Dr., Marion County Park and Lake.

Gregory K. and Ronda B. Wiens to themselves as trustees, quitclaim deed to 75.38 acres southwest of 250th and Goldenrod Rds., 76.84 acres northeast of Goldenrod and 250th Rds., and 87.93 acres south of 250th Rd. between Goldenrod Rd. and K-15.

Phoebe A. Janzen and John D. Bauman, to Daniel L. and Christine K. Smith, trustees, 304 S. Main St., Hillsboro.

Last modified June 17, 2022