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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Alex Schmidt to Alex and Khrystyna Schmidt, quitclaim deed to 215 and 221 N. Cleveland Ave, a lot southeast of Elm and Marion St., and 502 and 506 W. Broadway Ave., Burns.

Wilma R. Harms Revocable Trust to Jane L. Washburn, trustee deed to 73.8 acres south of US-50 between Limestone and Mustang Rds.

Oleyta F. Triston, Cassia Z. Galleher, William D. and Kahtonna Stavig to Cassia Z. Galleher and William D. Stavig, 595 Norwood St., Peabody.

Alma L. Loveless to David Mark Loveless, Judy Marie Houdyshell, and Tamara Lynn Suffield, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 39.82 acres west of US-56/77 and between 240th and 250th Rds.

Tracy L. and Kevin Reid, Leslie G. and Mike Wilks, and Stephanie and Larry McLain to Kaitlynn Marler, 410 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Lloyd W. and Carole S. Sklenar to Marilyn M. Percell, 423 N. Lincoln St., Marion.

Vickie E. Ediger by power-of-attorney to Kasey and Dylan J. Delk, 516 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Morris P. and Joan L. Hope Revocable Living Trust to Donald and Jean Krebs Family Trust, trustee deed to 207 E. A St., Hillsboro.

Yaznpan LLC to Brandy L. Hanson, 605 Wichita St., Lincolnville.

In separate transactions, Evelyn I. Hett Trust, then Clifford J. Hett Trust, to Clifford J. and Evelyn I. Hett, trustees, undivided half interest in 157.24 acres northwest of 210th and Bluestem Rds.; 316.14 acres southeast of 110th and Sunflower Rds.; 0.63 and 62.96 acres north of 140th Rd. between Timber and US-77; 212.79 acres east of Upland Rd. between 130th and 140th Rds.; 159.72 acres east of Quail Creek Rd. between 110th and 120th Rds.; 315.58 acres south of 310th Rd. between Clover Rd. and Marion/Chase County line; 234.46 acres east of Remington Rd. between 120th and 130th Rds.; 99.39 acres north of 160th Rd. between Remington and Quail Creek Rds.; 78.78 acres southeast of 10th and Timber Rds.; 237.53 acres northwest of Sunflower and 140th Rds.; and 211.82 acres south of 140th Rd. between Sunset and Timber Rds.

Craig D. and Diana J. Dodd to Diana J. Dodd, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 1110 230th Rd.

Freddie Dean and Patricia Ann Allnutt to George Miehle, quitclaim deed to 411 S. Ash St., Hillsboro.

Larry R. and Debra J. Robinson to themselves as trustees, 236 S. Washington Ave., Burns.

Gary L. and Sharon M. Mueller to Andrew Wayne and Sydney Elaine Klassen, 2455 K-15 along with 66.33 acres.

James Johnson to Mega Enterprises LLC, 309 N. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Last modified Oct. 13, 2022