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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

First National Bank of Hutchinson and Suzanne Sentney-Brown, co-trustees, to The Mercedes Sentney Testamentary Trust, trustee deed to oil, gas, and other minerals in 620.62 acres southeast of 250th and Zebulon Rds.; 627.97 acres southeast of 240th and Zebulon Rds.; 633.54 acres southeast of 230th and Zebulon Rds.; 635.55 acres southeast of 220th and Yarrow Rds.; 632.64 acres southeast of 220th and Zebulon Rds., and 622.58 acres southeast of 210th and Zebulon Rds.

John P. Dvorak to Jay Scott and Laurel J. Miesse, 39.64 acres east of Quail Creek Rd. between 190th and 180th Rds.

Carol A. and Michael Reynolds, Kirk and Debra J. Matz, and Denise Matz to Lance O. and Kaylin R. Thiessen, 58.08 acres southeast of Old Mill and 80th Rds.

Ronald W. and Carol Woerz to Donald R. and Dawn D. Hett, trustees, 168.64 acres south of 150th between US-77 and Whitetail Rd.

Willis B. and Betty I. Kirkpatrick to themselves as trustees, 401 N. Maple St., Peabody.

Cedar Trust Agreement to Rita S. and Maurice Linnens, co-trustees, trustee deed to 1022 Union Rd.

Loren J. and Helen S. Funk Trusts to themselves as trustees, 71.15 acres north of US-56 between Kanza and Limestone Rds., 101.43 acres southeast of 210th and Mustang Rds., 144.59 acres northeast of Kanza Rd. and US-56, 69.2 acres north of US-56 between Jade and Kanza Rds., and 72.91 acres northwest of 210th and Kanza Rds.

Maurice G. Pritz Sr., trustee, to Bradley M. and Amy K. Pagenkopf, trustee deed to 75.53 acres northwest of 320th and Vista Rds.

Robin R. Pritz to Bradley M. and Amy K. Pagenkopf, 3215 Vista Rd.

Kathryn D. Sigel to Jamie M. and Wyatt R. Sigel, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 2110 Strassburg Dr. and 2111 Kruse Dr., Eastshore.

David M. Lefler to Lori Tibbits-Fritch and Crystal Dilbeck, 603 Lawrence Ave., Durham.

Last modified Nov. 17, 2022