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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Donald D. Denton Living Trust to Kenneth C., Dakota W., and Dalton T. Denton, trustee deed to 2132 Strassburg Dr., Eastshore.

In separate transactions, Curt Hessel to Coral D. Hessel, quitclaim deed to 214 N. Washington St. and 516 N. Washington St., Hillsboro, and 1895 Jade Rd.

Timothy P. and Lisa A. Donahue to Donahue Hayhook Land Holding Inc., 157.91 acres northwest of 240th Rd. and Marion/Chase county line.

In separate transactions, Lisa Ann Donahue Revocable Trust and Timothy Patrick Donahue Revocable Trust to Donahue Hayhook Land Holding Inc., trustee deed to undivided half interests in, 159.76 acres west of Clover Rd. between 240th and 260th Rds., 316.44 acres east of Clover between 240th and 260th Rds., 475.17 acres northeast of Clover and 240th Rds., 156.72 acres southeast of 240th and Clover Rds., and 2461 Clover Rd. along with 628.73 acres.

Delores M. Dalke Living Revocable Trust to Justin Stuart and Christa Joy Morgan, trustee deed to 112 N. Wilson St., Hillsboro.

Mary Jane Grimmett to Barry Cole and Corey O’Brien, 414 W. 8th St., Florence.

Clifford L. Matz to Crystal E. Hiebert, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 1653 Turkey Creek Rd.

Tipton W. and Heather A. Holloway to Matthew A. and Desirae N. Williams, 174 Eastmoor Dr., Marion.

In separate transactions, Doyle K. and Noella A. Jost to themselves as trustees, 39.62 acres northwest of 180th and Diamond Rds., 49.46 acres northeast of Falcon and 170th Rds., 46 acres south of 170th Rd. between Goldenrod and Holly Rds., and 756 170th Rd. along with 25.8 acres.

James and Brenda Enns Revocable Trust to Hannah M. Kelderman, trustee deed to part of 157.09 acres northwest of 240th and Falcon Rds.

Douglass K. Huxman to Jeremy and Jennifer Davidson, 201 W. Juniper St., Hillsboro.

Last modified Nov. 2, 2023