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recorded Sept. 2, 2016

These deeds were reported as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records. All are warranty deeds unless otherwise noted.

Raymond Gregg MCasey and Kimberly J. MCasey, co-trustees, to Joseph D. and Jamie R. Harrison, 914 Meridian Rd., Newton.

Peggy Phillips to R. Phillips, Inc., quitclaim deed, 806 N. Walnut St., Peabody.

Sheldon Klassen, Myron & Shelley Klassen and Marlo Klassen, to Edward H. Debesis and Melissa L. Riddle, 217 S. Jefferson St., Hillsboro.

Velma J. Funk to Larry L and Cecelia A Laplante, 611 S. Main St., Hillsboro.

Russell and Jeanne Groves to The City of Hillsboro, a street wide section of land on N. Adams, between 3rd St. and US-56.

The City of Hillsboro to Russell and Jeanne Groves, a street wide section of land on N. Adams, between 3rd St. and U.S.- 56.

Crystal D. and Heath Rochester, Jeremy D. and Shannon Hurt, to Roger and Janelle Holter, 9 Random Rd., Marion County Park & Lake.

Renee’ Christine Baatrup to Edmund Paul Baatrup, 412 N. Peabody St., Peabody.

Mick and Tiesha O’Neal Risenhoover, Heather Marie Hughes, Arthur Allen and Lori Hughes, quitclaim deed, to Steven A. Schild, 292.49 acres of agricultural land on 370th Rd., Lincolnville.

Beth A. Phillips, quitclaim deed, to Christine D. Reust, 286 Zebulon Rd., Burns.

Leslie K. and Pamela Sue Byer to Les and Pam Byer, 1950 230th Rd., Marion.

Delmer and Donna Fink, by power of attorney to Richard P. Blount, 518 and 520 N. Cedar St., Marion.

Gloria Hanschu to Paula and Max Morgan, 1927 360th Rd., Lost Springs.

Larry E. and Linda L. Beck to Michael B. and Mary T. Martin, Taylor J. and Jessica E. Reed, 401 S. Coble St., Marion.

Paula and Max Morgan to Paula and Max Morgan, 1927 360th Rd., Lost Springs.

Karen Sue and Richard G. Aldis, to Aldis Revocable trust, 196.86 acres near 170th Rd. between Goldenrod Rd. and Holly Rd., Hillsboro.

Alice Jost, transfer on death deed to Clyde Jost, Keith Jost, Charlene Driggers, and Clara Frick, 2190 K-15, Hillsboro.

Alvin J. and Barbara S. Kroupa, to Alvin J. and Barbara S. Kroupa, trustees, 78.47 acres at QuailCreek Rd. and 250th Rd.,14.18 acres at 2896 Timber Rd., 39.11 acres at QuailCreek Rd., 142.46 acres at 1967 K- 256, all in Marion.

Jimmy D. and Rosalie Rudolph to Gary M. and Jo Ann Stuchlik, 79.36 acres at 280th Rd. between Upland Rd. and Vista Rd., Lincolnville.

Bradley L. Hedstrom, to Bradley L. Hedstrom, trustee, 79.43 acres between Alfalfa Rd. and Bluestem Rd., 78.65 acres near Alfalfa Rd. between 300th and 310th Rds., Burdick.

Randy L. Svitak trust, trustees deed, to Travis S. Burns, 14.54 acres near 290th Rd. and Timber Rd., Marion.

Eric M. and Sarah Koehn Frey to Tyler J. Schmidt and Sara N. Holman-Boman, 1010 Chisholm Trail Rd., Newton.

Rachel D. Mealor to John Kasper, 301 N. D St., Ramona.

Mary J. Harrison to Jeromy D. and Shannon D. James, 315 S. Cedar St., Marion.

Eldon S. and Kimberly K. Smith to Brooks A. Beeton, 507 Wichita St., Lincolnville.

Jessie Lynn Nikkel NKA Jessie Lynn Wiebe and Lauren J. Wiebe to Laurel and Ethan Koerner, 209 S. Lincoln St., Hillsboro.

Evan D. and Sharla Koehn to Anthony W. Huston, 408 N. Franklin St., Burns.

James and Betty Jean Funk Family Trust, trustees deed, to David E. and Jennifer J. Epp, 47.72 acres at 1525 190th Rd., Marion.

Robert Dwayne and Brandi Pilar Hendrix, to Preston S. Williams and Alexis N. Cain, 312 S. Roosevelt St., Marion.

Rodney Glenn and Donna Kay Hague to Brent Miles, 808 N. Chestnut St., Peabody.

Pat Egan quitclaim deed to Delane Kellogg, 123 N. Nickerson St., Burns.

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