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Dog makes 1st bust

Staff writer

Marion’s 10-month-old police dog, Legion, who joined the force just before Christmas, made his first bust on New Year’s Eve. Around 2 a.m., after Officer Mike Stone stopped James Kiel II, 35, of Emporia, for allegedly speeding on U.S. 56 within the city limits.

Stone reportedly became suspicious after Kiel made inconsistent statements.

Stone, Legion’s handler, used him to search the car.

Legion reacted to the trunk of the vehicle, where police say 5.2 grams of marijuana as well as, drug paraphernalia and $350 were found.

After filling out some paperwork, the money will be the property of the department, according to Chief Tyler Mermis.

Kiel was booked into Marion County Jail on suspicion of possession of marijuana, possession of depressants with one prior conviction, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“He had only been on the road for three days when he made the bust,” Mermis said. “He performed exactly like he was supposed to, and I think he will make an excellent addition to the Marion Police Department family.”

Later, several county minors spent New Year’s Day filling out police reports rather than having the party they were planning.

Stone and officer Bryce Suffield responded to 319 S. Cedar St. around 11:45 p.m., New Years Eve after a phone call from a parent about possible underage drinking at the residence.

Police administered breath tests to seven people, six of them younger than 18, plus 19-year-old Justin R. Silhan of Marion. Five tested positive for alcohol and were transported to juvenile intake in Junction City and later released to their parents. One other tested negative and was released to a parent.

Since Silhan is legally an adult at age 18, but less than legal drinking age, he was issued a citation alleged consumption and possession of alcohol by a minor, Mermis said.

“After Silhan received his citation he was released to his parents at the scene,” Mermis said.

The house is occupied by one of the juveniles’ older siblings, but the occupant will not be charged because he or she was not present, City Attorney Susan Robson said. However, who supplied the alcohol is still being investigated.

Last modified Jan. 16, 2014